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the new love news and others

ok this is the new news and more i will tell u anything i can remember but im not a good speller
hiya all!!!
hey people so wuz up if u like this keep coming back when u feel like it.

Maby u would like this better if i put news on it so ok here we go

just in two people that i know so well i have just heard that they have started dating
selena gomez is mexico but cant speak there words (in spanish) soooo not in
serah harding said she got a vintage dress but everyong says it is so dull
my now no.1 song it check it out
now heres in if u see a song on here it is just because im a real hot song nut
just in again the pussycat dolls are back in the chart but in at something like 56
ok 1 more boring thing to u but not 2 me a guy that i realy like is going out with someone and i am so diprest :(
now u now about out there and me now about other people
the new selena gomez cd and miley cyrus is so in now they are mint
and also selena and jusin bieber are now an idol new it was ture
the most annoying song was just on and i hate it (i whip my hair)
fred has a new movie and it is amazing i love fred
R-patz and her (i cant say her name)have now split up
ok it the 16th and heres the update
music is in right now i listen to it all the time i am now
so what else can i talk about mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
the new pop party 8 CD it the best
17th of january and animal hats are in i have 1 that is so post to be a racoon but i don't know anymore
if u r on club penguin look out for penguins called pinky65884 and 05magiuers
the update is again i am realy happy that more people have looked at my blog and tell ur friends to look at my blog to
skinny jeans are in all u need to do to spark them up is a fine scarf in the belt fold and a cute little top
ok i think my best friends boyfriend is such a snail but she wont agree soooooooo not cool :(
hiya it's the 18th and i'm so over what i said about my friend james hes not that bad and my friends boyfriend (that mite have broke up today) luke isn't that bad as well
on my wii i have a game called club penguin game day and on the game jackhammer i'm no.1 in all but 1 place
i luv tatty teddy bears they are soooo cute and so are the blue nose friends
19th and i am so tired of people in my school and the most is to a person called luke macwilliams he has dumped nearly all girls in my year including me and my best friends (sinead and ashligh)it is so not cool
just watched the movie another cindrilla story and have started watching a cindrilla story (realy good)
i collect a lot of blue nose friends i have a bag full of them included about 3-4 big 1s and around 2-3 limited
i dont realy have a lot to say today so*
hey soz havn't been writing a lot because i havn't had a lot to talk about but now i do
i love club penguins new activite in the woodland place thing i got a brown puffle
i realy want the new mario game but its too expencive for me to buy i u ever had a day like that :(
i looked on ebay and granger games and still cant find a cheep one i just give up
my two cats are nutz one of them is like a dog i tries to bark and the ofer one never knows wat to do
*that it's for now bye
my new message sistum makes it easier for you to tell me if you like the blog or not just say your name and tell me if you like it
this is now the new place you look for your news
ok haven't spoke in a while because my bff has gone on holiday and I'm alone with no friends well not alone just no friends
i miss her :'(
ok its been a while and a bad day for me on thursday my cat Benji died :'(
JB has a new movie out called never say never and the song is as great as the name

ok so now i realy have to go so bye
hiya i'm back thxs to all the people that have seen this page ;) so happy now me and my friend are having a competion 2 see who gets the most visitors :)

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