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How much do you know about China?

How much do you know about China?For many western kids they know very little.
I'm a girl from China and I can't wait to introduce it to you!

There are 34 provinces in China.Among them,there are some special provinces.
Such as Taiwan.For some history problems ,Taiwan has different it's own presidents.
But though it's just like a country,we can't say it is.It's a part of China.

Do you know who creatived compasses and gunpowder?
And who first began to make paper and began to print?
Yes,Chinese did!

Do you like nooddles?They are one of the traditional Chinese food!

Chinese is one of the beautiful and special langueges of the world!

Finally,let me tell you the national anthem of China!

Ye who refuse to be slave,
with our flesh and blood build up our new great Wall ,
China masses have met the day of all danger ;
Indignation fill the hearts of our countryme .
Arise ! arise !
Many hearts with one mind ,beat the enemy¡¯s bonfire march on .march on .march on.on.

China is a real great country!
All of us Chinese welcome everyone!

How much do you know about China? (Countries of the World - Culture)    -    Author : Shirley - China

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