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An Amazing City---Chengdu(Panda's Home)

I live in ChengduŁ¬a big city with a population of 20 million, in southwest China. Chengdu is a very beautiful city. Chengdu is famous for hotpot and mapo tofu. But they are very hot. Chengdu is also famous for pandas. [picture not found] They are cute but a little shy. [picture not found] Chengdu people like playing mahjong.
Wuhou Honor Hall(It's also called "Temple of Marquis") It was built in 223 BC for Zhuge Kongming, a very famous prime minister. It is the symbol of the Three Kingdoms culture.

Jingsha Site Museum, an important civilization existed in Chengdu about 3200 years ago.

An Amazing City---Chengdu(Panda's Home) (Countries of the World - Cities, Villages)    -    Author : He - China

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