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Cebu-Bohol Tour with Ann and Bill Hewitt

Last July, my friend, Ann and Bill Hewitt, came to visit me in Cebu City, Philippines. They came all the way from Vinton, Virginia, U.S.A. just to see me. I offered to show them our tourists spots not only in Cebu City but also nearby Bohol.
Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills is a famous tourist attraction in Carmen, Bohol. According to the official website of the Province of Bohol, the number of hills reaches at least 1,260 but may be as many as 1,776. The Chocolate Hills encompasses a 20 square mile (50 sq km) area creating a sea or rolling terrain of these amazing hills. The height of the hills varies from 98 to 160 feet (30 to 50 m) with the largest hill reaching a peak of 390 feet (120 m).

The unusual thing about these hills is that, it is a natural phenomena - some think it is man-made. Geologists believe that the hills were formed from marine limestone on top of a clay layer.

The Chocolate Hills are actually grass-covered limestone. Therefore, depending on the season, the Chocolate Hills changes its color, varying from green during rainy season to chocolate brown during the dry season.

To enjoy a great view of the Chocolate Hills, you need to climb one of them. One of the hills was converted to a viewing deck. Itís a long way up as you need to climb its 214 concrete steps. Although if you don't like to climb the 214 steps, there's another viewing deck below but of course you won't be able to get the best view of the hills.

The Philippine tarsier, (Tarsius syrichta) is one of the smallest known primates. The tarsiers are arboreal (tree living) and jump through the trees to catch their food, which is mainly insect based. They are small with very large eyes, elongated hind legs and feet, a thin tail and long fingers. They are nocturnal (active at night) although some species may move around in the daytime.

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