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in my spare time i love to draw or practus my instrument my saxaphone alsoi i know how to play cello as well i love rideing my bike and hanging out with my friends im moste of the time i am on my laptop and is on or playing games or messageing friends and penpals!
hello! my name is irene and i love anime and playing anime games! fwu fwu fwu i have many friends and very social at times i love to draw and learn new languages! i love monkeys and the colors orange brown and yellow!
i love to dance i am in ballet and hiphop classes i am also in danceing club but dont understimate me i am also in wrestling! as well as band and choures haha i love listhing to weired songs and doing and watching weired dances i also love just being me and not careing what other people think of me or what i do! if you have a problem with it well i dont realy care=P i could be realy nice:3 or realy realy mean!>=(

=D awsome yukimaru

aawww dont be mean to laharl etna

whoa creepy....

kwuaa so cute
chuuuuu i dont draw that good on my comp

i just love this pictures of him its so funny!

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