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Have you ever fell in love really hard,and i mean really really hard? And you dont know if he likes you or not? Well, just be your self thats how you know if he likes you or not.You really shouldn't go out with a guy that doesn't like who YOU are its just wrong.
Well. for more tips and stuff e-mail.

-Cara :)
I have a qustion can any of you answer it?? hmm?? Ok, here it is, have you ever been in a problem when your two best friends where in a fight and they are saying for you to pick a side? And do you know what you should do? E-mali me and you will find out!

-Cara :)
Here's some stuff about me I have 2 little sisters,I live in Kansas,my birthday is Dec. 30th i have 2 dogs Cheif and Riley, if you have any qustion about me just read bellow to get my e-mail address. All right love ya bye

-Cara :)
Hey,have you ever need help with friends but no one was the to help you? Just ask Cara she with help you with love,friendship,family,ect... Just e-mail me at jljanelulu@aol.com for now cause I am trying to get a new one.So hope to talk to you soon!!!

- Cara :)

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