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Changing the progress


Hi today i was thinking to open another thing it is an online juice factory we will talk in my blog about juices and sweets. I really want to do alot of things like:
Juice factory-Sweet shop-Ice cream store
I started doing juices when i am 8 years old i thinked that some of my family are doing diet they cant eat sweets thats why i do FRESH juices. LET START TO DO ANOTHER PROGRESS...



Bonjour today we will talk about how we will make an easy way to make donut HOMEMADE this is the ingredient that you will need to make a donut:

1. 2 cups of flour

2. 3 quarter of warm milk

3. 2 eggs

4. Dry yeast

5. powdered sugar

6. Butter

7. Vanilla Essence


9. Oil to deep fry

Mix it. Cover it for 15min make it the shape you like then fry it in the oil

Chocolate Cake

Bonjour today we will talk about My special Chocolate Cake. Why it is special? Because it has some nice toppings this is the ingredient that I used to make it:

1. 3 eggs

2 275ml of oil

3. Water

Then put it in the oven for 180 degrees and the way to make the special topping is to cut a little piece of the cake not to little like a medium size then put it in the blender then put any type of chocolate you want and put some milk the blend it, put it in top of the cake then put it in the fridge after maybe 20 min it will be so nice when you eat it. Thanks for reading.

Cream Caramel


Welcome to my online bakery, Last time we baked jelly and today we will bake cream caramel. First thing first I will tell you why I love baking cream caramel?
Because when we make it at home the way how we make it is easy and it is fun so I will tell you the recipe of cream caramel:

The carton contains a packet of caramel mix and a sachet of ready to use.

1. Squeeze The caramel topping from the sachet into a plain

2. 500ml mound or into four small cups/moulds

3. Bring 500ml of milk to almost boiling point

4. Stir in the Caramel Mix and boil gently for 2 min

Stirring continuously.Pour gently on the topping in the mound or cups, wait until it cools, the refrigerate until it sets (2-4 hours). There is another thing you CAN add or you donít need it is
1.Dream whip
and the 4 things in the top. Thanks again for reading my blog and have a good day.



Hello welcome to my online bakery again, last time we talked about ice cream cake and today we will talk about how to make jelly. The ingredients that you will need are:

1. Empty contents in a deep bowl.

2. Add one cup (250 ml) of boiling water, stir until dissolved.

3. Add one cup (250 ml) of cold water, stir and chill until set.

Then put it in the fridge until it get jeggilly after that you can eat it or you can add a design to it.

The Ice Cream Cake


Hi again today i will tell you about ICE CREAM CAKE that I made with my cousin. You will need the following ingredients:

1.Vanilla And Oreo ice cream

2.Chocolate cake

The ingredients for the chocolate cake are:

1. (2) eggs

2. (80)ml of oil

3. (3) tsp of Water

4. Put it in the oven

When it is finished wait a while about 3 to 5 min The melt a ice cream on top of the cake then :

1.Put it in the freezer

For 4 hours maybe the the second step is:

2. Design it with anything you like

It will take you about 10 min to 15 min for doing the cake recipe no more and it will be in the freezer for maybe 4 hours and when you finish taste it if it is nice or not. The chocolate cake its need to be Soft if you did a brownie cake it will be hard and the ice cream need to be soft not completely liquid.
It will be easy to make. THANKS for reading my blog again.

My First Blog


Hi, my name is Rahaf. This is my first blog. Welcome to my online bakery today i will tell you why i love baking?

I have a passion for sweets. it gets me so excited to bake and gets me so energetic . I started baking at age 7 or 8 years OLD. When i was 6 i saw my mother cooking delicious sweets. When i grow up i want to set up my own business and have my own shop. I am THINKING also to have an ice cream shop. I will use the money that i will raise to support my family and grow my business.A lot of people are asking how did i learn baking? i learned how to bake by watching some videos in YouTube and watching my mum how she cooks when i finished baking i go to my family and let them taste my sweet and rate it if it is nice or not nice or something missing or not. Some of my favourite sweets are: Brownie cake, ice cream cake, jelly, cream caramel and cakes and a lot of things more and more...
I want to be a famous baker because i will take pictures with people and i will get money and i will buy whatever i want from the money.

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