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vanessa hudgens and ashley tisdale!!!!

ashley tisdale she stars in high school musical as sharpay and in the movie her brother is ryan (lucas) she plays the pink popular princess who always wins all of the school talent quests with her brother ryan she makes sure that gabriella (vanessa hudgens) and troy bolton the basket ball player who is very popular too also knowen as (zac efron)not win the school talent quest but its hard for her cause well there just sooo good at singing!!! the second high school musical movie is going to be great!!! ashley loves the colour pink and her favourite food is pizza and sushi she loves to sing and has released her own album called head strong.

vanessa hudgens she has a younger sister called stella she loves the colour bright bright bright red!!! in high school musical she plays gabriella and her boyfriend is the popular basket ball dude troy bolton (zac efron) they sing a great song called breaking free together and everyone loves it!!! vanessa had really just come to this school because at her old school she was called freaky math girl because shes great at maths and at her new school she meets taylor (monique coleman) who loves maths too they become great friends although gabriella is shy she manages to break out a tune in breaking free and in real life she is very shy she has made her own c.d calle "v" and her major hit song on it baby come back to me her nickname is baby v so go baby v!!!

this is a scene from high school musical 2

vanessa hudgens

this is a great picture of vanessa hudgens!!!

this is a program ashley tisdale starrs in as maddie you can see her in the middle she works at the candy bar at a hotel called tipton where two twins live because there mum sings to the people who come to tipton one of the twins zack has a crush on maddie but cody isnt so interested theres another rich rich rich girl who lives there to london tipton her dad owns the tipton hotel thats why shes so rich maddie not so rich just a normal teen but london on the other hand is very rich but they are still friends londons real name is actuley brenda song you probley have heard of her ashley and brenda are in the middle and the twins zack and cody are on the sides and there mother is right at the back poking her head out in the picture.This program is called the suite life of zac and cody tune on to disney channel to check it out!!!

look at ashley in that awesome pink dress go ash!!! or u can call her blondie thats her nickname.

vanessa hudgens this is the cover of her c.d she has released

this is a picture of ashley tisdale with her good friend miley cyrus miley stars in a program called hannah montana on disney channel ashley tisdale and miley are good friends cool eh!!!

miley cyrus and vanessa hudgens are good friends to they hang out a lot.Mileys real names actuley detiney hope cyrus (if u didnt already know) she got the name miley from her dad because she use to always smile when she was younger so her dad called her smiley then some how it got to be miley what a cool name!!!

this is a scene from high school musical 1 this is zac efron and vanessa hudgens they are boyfriend and girlfriend in the movie and in real life!!!! this is the scene where they meet its a new year party and there at this real cool party the guy on the micro phone whats to know who wants to sing next so he shines a big light on troy (zac) and the light on gabriella (vanessa) they end up singing together they sing the start of somthing new and rock at it afterwards they meet up and get each others cellphone numbers then the next day troy sees gabriella at school because gabriella was new at the school they end up entering the school talent quest together cause of there great singing but sharpay and ryan (ashley tisdale and lucas) enter it they always win them but troy and gabriella wont let them win this time go vanessa and zac!!!

this is what the dvd cover of high school musical will look like but the ennoying thing is that high school musical 2 still hasnt come out in the movies yet!!! only in America lucky them but oh well just going to have to be patient i soooooooo cant wait 4 it to come out!!! yay!!!

go ashley tisdale!!!!!!!!

go vanessa hudgens!!!

vanessa hudgens and ashley tisdale!!!! (Music - Others)    -    Author : caitlin - New Zealand

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