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Tamagotchi is a fun way to spend your day

Hi Tamagotchi is a good toy to spend your day with if you cant get on the computer i will try to see if the online link i found will work they are a real toy and they are online to i found the online link and it worked i have a game line down there the link that saids play tamagotchi is the link to play tamagotchi online Enjoy the games i put there
Game list: Play Tamagotchi BaseballFlash BasketballBasketballFlash PacmanPacmanWeb WarSpank the MonkeyKirbyMarioFishing Online

If you never saw a picture of this toy tamagotchi here it is this pictures i found from google image

Tamagotchi is a fun way to spend your day (Hobbies - Games)    -    Author : Bri - USA

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