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My secret to make a witch on sims2 double deluxe

Here you have a pictture of a bad witch

Here you have a picture of a good witch
If you want your sim a bad witch or a good witch if you added a downtown to the place you created or a place that has downtown already click that sim you are playing and then click go to commuity lot and click downtown and scroll down and click Green laywers and go there and stay there all day and night and wait for a green sim or a sims dressed in white or purple or red or black come there and greet them and talk with them play tickle with them or red hands and hug them and make there friendship strong and then click the witch again and click more and click teach to the of darkness or teach to the of light

My secret to make a witch on sims2 double deluxe (Hobbies - Video games)    -    Author : Bri - USA

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