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The Breton way of life

My childhood

I lived during 10 yeard in a city which is called "Camaret-sur-Mer" (from my birth to my 10 years old). This is the last city of Brittany (in France) before the Antlantic Ocean until the USA! This isn't a big city but a little city with a huge history and culture. In the 19th century, our forefathers was known by fishing and women by the "bigoudène" culture. We can recognize them with a big headgear and their black dress with some lace (but don't worry, we don't wear it anymore I assure you haha).

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I made the kindergarten and the primary school there. My house was just in front of the beach, so during summer my old sister took my young sister and I to go to the beach. A few years later, my parents decided to move somewhere else and to buy a house.

Corréjou's beach

My teenagehood
Welcome on my blog!

Hi everyone! First of all, i'd like to introduce myself before talking about my country or the city where I live. My name's Priscillia, I'm 18 and I'm a french girl who lives in Brittany (that's why I chose "Breton way of life" as title haha). I have a lot of hobbies and interests like surf, horse riding, play guitar, listen to music, read, go to party, make shopping, hang out with friends etc. I'm at high school, the last year for me before university haha! I'm currently studying literature, languages (English, Spanish, Italian) and philosophy and next year I'll study psychology to be psychologist in a few years. I also have a page on "student of the world", I'd like to meet new people from all around the world, to discover new cultures, to improve my english, spanish or italian but especially to make new friends! I'd love to travel in a couple of years or go all around the world, maybe after my studies. But I hope, one day, go to the USA, Canada, Australia, Italia and a lot of other countries and I want to learn so much about these ones, so I think it could be interesting talking about my culture :-)

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