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This is my family!!

This is my dad, his name is Antonio Rodriguez, he´s a very hard worker man, he´s 40 years old and met my mom whenn he was 20, they have been married for 17 years and i him and my mom cause they´re still inloved with each other, i love my daddy, he knows lots of languages and its because of him that i learned english really well, he´s a little bit chubby and tall, and a good lovely man.

Hi it's me again, let me talk you a little bit about my family, they're really cool and they're such good people.
First, introduce my grandpas, they are my mom's parents, their names are Samuel ans Susana Arreola
, they had 5 more children besides my mom, they are really kind and i love hearing their stories, they are not very updated cause internet isn't very important for them, they prefer the newspaper or the radio, althought they don't like being update, they both are very intelligent and know lots of things, they are the same age, 73 being accurate, some years ago my grandpa used to work in a factory being a tooling superviser and my granma used to work as a nurse, i think that's why my mom decided to study that too, well i think thats all for today, thanks for reading me!


Hi there! Brenda here! Yesterday i posted some info about my mom's parents, now it's time to talk about my grandapas, the parents of my dad, let's get started. Their names are Yolanda and Jose Antonio Rodriguez, they both are 73 years old, they had my dad and 4 children left, he´s the eldest of his brothers, i really like talking with them because the have lot of knowledge and they make me realize about my whole young life, they arent too old, my grandpa is really tall and thin and my granma is thin too and of course really pretty, i love them too much, and im very proud of them and their hability to smile when things arent very good.

(I dont have a pic of my grandma right now, but here is one of my grandpa)

Meet my sister!! her name is Paloma Rodriguez, she´s 19 years old, and she´s in University, physically she is tall and thin, she has brown hair, brown eyes and she´s very pretty, some people say we look alike, but we´re not really conviced of that, i really love spending time together cause she´s very funny and make me laught a lo, she´s the best sister ever, she´s very studious, intelligent and has a great big heart.

My mommy!
Hi there, this is my mommy, what can i say? she´s the best woman in world, she´s lovely, helpful, generous, in conclusion she´s a big big heart, i love her, not only because she´s my mom, i love her because i admire her a lot, and i think there´s not a woman as lovely as her, she's tall, thin, has a pretty smile, dark hair and little brown eyes, she works as a nurse and such as my dad she´s a very hard worker, she is 39 years old but she looks younger, i love my mommy.

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