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South of France

South of France

Hey, I'm Sarah from France. Nice to meet you. I live in Bordeaux.
I like to talk about Winehouses, cities or beautiful places around my city.
I want to share to you some touristic place and you had to visit.
I can help if you have any question about transport, hotels or shop.
Byebye n_n
First, let's talk about Bordeaux. Bordeaux is the first wine city of France, situate in Aquitaine and separate by the river Gironde. Bordeaux is a historic city because of the architecture of the building or their church. My favorite place is the Quinconces which is place in the center of Bordeaux and nearby the Grand théatre and the longer shop street of Bordeaux, on this place you have the tourism office, a lot of transport (bus, tramway, car...), a big beautiful fountain.
In Bordeaux, you have a long dock with a charming view n_n ,
Bordeaux have a lot of gastronomic restaurant and streets foods. If you're Asian or you like Asian food you can find a lot of little Asian shop ~_~. Churches are really big and beautiful too. I hope you will like Bordeaux ;).

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