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Welcome to my reading Blog....

Updating more very soon...

While reading I'm in another world. Where I read my own life in another body. In another life...

When you read a book you are in another body in a another new you.
When you write a book you can be who you want to be. You can bee fantasy or realistic. That's me H.CH

Jacqueline Wilson
Point Horror to Jacqueline Wilson. That is what I read to Point Horror Unleashed to cartoon comic strips...

Point Horror Book Twins by Caroline B Cooney
I love books I've read millions already...Writing a novel... Here's a sneaky peek on the story line.
Twins Elizabeth and Victoria go to Emerald Candy Academy. Emily too but with a dark hidden secret. Follow the twins Holly and many others. You'll be able to buy it very soon.
Smile when reading Laugh when writing enjoy reading. My motto for YOU.....
Fun Interactive and much much more audible. Wanting Web Friendly Web where I can buy and read Online for free. Education is good it should be free NOT Stress on money.

How many books do YOU read? Or do you read AT ALL?

Where do you get books from? I get them through the library and School!!!!

Here's a sneaky peek of My Unpublished Book called Twins.
Victoria Peters is an alone child who dreamed of going to boarding school. Then she goes Stone Hills. Normal she is until rumors begin about her begin related to the head boy BUT SHE IS NOT. Few days left to go till the Half Term and Victoria finds her birth certificate...

Updating it soon

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