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Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is a sprinter he comes from Jamaica he was born on August 21, 1986 so now he is 26 years old His birthplace is Trelawny, Jamaica. His full name is Usain St. Leo Bolt and his nicknames are
Thunderbolt or The Lightning Bolt.He is a man who broke the world records and the Olimpic records. Like the 100 meter sprint in 9.58 seconds and at 20 august 2009 on the 200 m. he broke the record with 19.19 seconds. The 100 meter sprint was a very special one because professors had calculated that there only will be that world record in 2060 so he is very fast. that was on 16 August 2008. Usain Bolt's coach name is Glen Mills. Usain Bolt runs the 100, 200, 300 and the 400 meters. In The Olympic games of 2012 won Usain bolt the 100 meter sprint in 9.63 seconds and with that time he made an Olympic record. The 200 meter sprint he run in
19.32 seconds but that was not an olympic record, but in the final of the 4x100 meter relay (he run a split time of 8.88 seconds) there end time was 36.84 seconds and they made also a world record.
The Universe


This is the planet Jupiter. It is named as a god because it is the biggest planet and it is impossible to live there and Jupiter is so strong that it has an magnetic field so big as the sun. On Jupuiter are there constantly tornados and a tornado can be on that planet for 60 years. There were two tornados that came closer and closer to each other and they became one big tornado that is almost 90 years blowing, first it was black but now is it changed into red. That planet is unlivable because there is too much gas, the tornados, not enough oxygen and there is no water. You know the moon but there is not one moon (Every planet has moons only the earth has the biggest moon).Jupiter has 62 moons but they are none of them so big as the moon of the earth.
Jupiter has a mass of 2.5 times of all the planets by each othher and it is 1321 times bigger than the earth. Jupiter is the fith planet from the sun and the second one from the planet. So Jupiter is just an unlivable, very dangerous, to hot and the biggest planet. That is why the planet is called Jupiter because it is almost the same with the power of Jupiter the oppergod.

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