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A teacher's website about going back to Bolivia, South America

My youngest son will be going with me to Bolivia. Here is a picture of him, MrBaby, after we finished feeding some of the ducks (maybe all of the ducks, lol) on my university's campus.

Well, that was two years ago, and we've since been to Bolivia, and back the USA. We have some new pictures of when we were in Bolivia. MrBaby's lost his curls, as you will see in those new pics.

The picture above is of MrBaby on a kids' motorcycle they had at one of the hotels we stayed at. I believe it was in Trinidad.

This blog is about our research into moving to Bolivia. It will have its laws, requirements, health alerts, news, tourists' travelblogs, and anything else of interest. I have found so much that I have forgotten where to re-find, and this will help me keep track of it much better.

BoliviaBella is my favorite site about Bolivia, so I am putting it here. It has just about everything about Bolivia that you could ask for, and Charis, the super nice lady who takes care of the website like a pro, will answer questions about things that aren't covered already. If you are looking for info on Bolivia and what a great place it is, this is a good place to start. She also has a volunteer page, in case you are thinking about going there yourself.

Charis is a wonderful lady! We got to meet her and even had Thanksgiving with her and some of her friends. It was a wonderful taste of the USA while in Bolivia. She was extremely helpful.

I'm trying to figure out how to put pictures on this website, but until I do, you can see our blog here and it has all of our pictures on it.
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We didn't get to take any pictures of when we took our walks in the jungle because our camera card was full, but it was spectacular. Imagine a path in the jungle, with birds of paradise flowers growing all around you, and their flowers scattered all over the path you are walking on. It's beautiful, and not something you'll find just here and there in the USA.
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Bolivia Bella, a GREAT site for information on Bolivia. And guess what? It's the MOST accurate and up to date site available!

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