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This is my blog and I will update this every two weeks, And I will write all about all kinds of things.
Right now I am going to tell you about what I like.........

Horses I love them, And I have a pony and I ride him everyday no kidding ha ha ha.

you might be woundering what my favourite singer is well here she is katy perry I love her to she is awesome my favourite song is calafornia gurls really fun and jumpi song...
well thats all for now see you in two weeks. pleasew feel free to comment and tell me your stories and I will put it in my next blog here are some pictures hope to hear from you soon......


If you don't know, This is katy perry she is awesome, I think that she is the best of the best singers, I used to love miley cyrus but now she is just wrong ha ha ha not joking.
well, lets get onn the next thing....

The saddle club, it is my favourite show ever!!!! The old series and the new series I love both of them..
Thanks for reading see you in 14 days!

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