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Black Sweaters and Cold Weather


So my crush recently got a new haircut (by accident, the lady messed up and cut the hair too short). I thought I liked him for his long hair, but his short hair actually looks cuter. I used to have long hair too (30 inches!) and I recently got my haircut short up until a little past my shoulders in the summertime. So I was wondering, do you guys like short hair on guys/girls or longer hair? Do you like short hair or longer hair on yourself? I used to like long hair on myself until it got tangled to the point that I couldn't brush it out. It was like I had dreadlocks (which I actually don't mind but my mom hates.....)! And what's your favorite haircut? Just some questions to think about! Have a good night!
- Noor

Hey guys! So this year I started playing soccer on an actual organized team (before I used to play with my little sister) and we had our first game today. Half the people who came to the first three practices didn't tome and half the people who hadn't come to the practices came! It was terrible in my opinion. We lost 0-6. Of course "it was only our first game and we had some new people who we had never played with before so it was ok for our first try.
Speaking of soccer, anyone here play it? If you have soccer tips, I could really use them XD.
Anyways, that's pretty much it for today. I got to go study for some tests. I have CCA's all this week and two projects due on Wednesday and Thursday. Wish me luck.

Black Sweaters and Cold Weather

Hey! I'm Noor Iqbal, BUT you can call me Noor. Or Bob Bobskalobskavich, either one works XD. Anyways, this is my blog, "Black Sweaters and Cold Weather". As you can see, I obviously LOVE the color black, sweaters (especially the ones with weird things on them like burgers, or wolves in space), AND the cold weather, something pretty rare here in Houston, Texas. I also used to have a blog named "Advice Avenue". You may or may not have heard about it, but in case you didn't it was just a dumb ol' blog giving stupid advice. Anyways, I don't run that anymore. Actually no one does. It's just dormant now. So no more advice. Sorry :(
Anyways, this is my new blog! It's about my life and everything going on in it. Whether, it's drama or gossip, school, clothes, or a new song I heard, I'll post it. I can even post things about you! If you kik me @chocomama101 with whatever you want to tell me about or whatever you want me to post, I can do that foe you. Of course, I won't be on here 24/7 and sometimes I'll have to skip days because of soccer practice, thwarted team, or just work. Sorry about being so boring right now, but that's what the first post is always for!
- Noor
New Additions

So, I decided that this blog is kind of boring even though I just started it, so I added to two little thingies to it:
1- My journal entries stating my progress of my periodical table sweater (we'll just call it The Elements Project)
2- Need advice? I've got lots. If you need advice, whether its about clothes or even personal problems, send them to me!

The Elements Project will probably start next weekend as I have a soccer game tomorrow morning and I gotta study for like three tests and do a bunch of homeowkr after that. Then on Sunday, I have to go to a going-away party for one of my best friends and I really want to be there. Of course, during the weekday I would be able to do a little of it. But, I want to be able to start the project on a weekend so I have time and can get a lot done before going back to prison (or as I'm forced to call it, school). Well I'm pretty tired and I'm listening to Starry Eyes by Motley Cruel (which is a great song by the way) which for some reason makes me a little bit sleepy. I better get some sleep if I don't want to be snoring on the field in the morning. Get some rest!
- Noor

OK, so recently I was just looking at some cute clothes and round this AMAZING sweater. Its a sweater with the periodic table on it. Yes, yes I know I'm a nerd. That's what you may be thinking, but that's not exactly the case. I'm in desperate need of a cute sweater. And I mean cute as in ugly. Weird right? But I find ugly sweaters EXTREMELY adorable, especially if you are ugly. The sweater is so ugly that in comparison it names you look beautiful. But even if you are actually ugly, everyone is beautiful in their own way, trust me. Anyways, at first I was like "Whoa where did they get that?! I needs it....." BUT. I decided it would mean so much more to me if I just made it myself.
Not like I'm gonna make a pattern for a sweater and sew it but I'm going to buy a plain black sweater and either bright teal/cyan (the color of this text) embroidery floss because I've never actually embroidered before and don't have any on hand at the moment. But, of course, it would take a long time and I would need to start now if I want it to be cold and not spring already by the time I finish it and try it on. So, from now on I will do a short entry saying what day it is since I have started and do a short entry of what I've done with it and how far I have gotten. Then I'll do a regular entry if I have anything else to say.Of course, I either won't have time to do it everyday or will only be able to do it a little everyday. I am not starting it today and probably not tomorrow but you will know when I start by the title "Day 1". Well, have a good night!
- Noor

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