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me bilal from pakistan and ma city was khp i wanna tell u sumthing about my city okay so begin now


!!!!!!!!!E MUHAMMAD BILAL!!!!!!

Naz High School, Khairpur, was established by the then ruler of Khairpur State at around the dawn of 20th century. In the 1950s a concrete, metal and glass building with sprawling lawns, playgrounds and fountains replaced the earlier buildings. Opposite the school building was built Colonel Shah Hostel with its own lawns and football field with an outdoor movie screen. The high school for the girls was built near the rulers' palace, The Faiz Mahal. Education was absolutely free. The benevolent, generous rulers of Khairpur Mir's paid in full. Hundreds of thousands of students benefited from these fountains of learning. The vast complex of Naz High School, Khairpur, can be viewed on Google Maps, satellite images. It is the largest building in the town. This school produced some of the biggest names in the country's politics Ex Chief Minister of Sindh & Ex Defence Minister of Pakistan, Syed Ghous Ali Shah & Current Chief Minister of Sindh,Syed Qaim Ali Shah
Government Naz Pilot Secondary School Khairpur has been described the largest school in terms of area which comprise of above 100 acres of land. My dignitaries got education there which include Chief Ministers of Sindh, Federal Ministers, prominent professionals like doctors, lawyers, engineers etc.

Main article: Khayrpur (princely state)
Khairpur was Ruled by Mirs (ameers) of the Talpur dynasty from 1783 to 1955, in 1947 when Pakistan gained its independence, Khairpur was one of the sovereign states that acceded to Pakistan. In 1955 it was merged into West Pakistan and the Monarchy was abolished the Monarchy.

The main cropofKhairpur is Date. The land of Khairpur is fertile enough foralmost any kind of crop. It's very hot and sunny during the summer and cold in winter. Humidity level is low. Khairpur has its own resources of water through canal web. Mir Wah is the main source of water for the land and citizens. Khairpur has its own Radio Station AM and FM, a University and number of Schools and Colleges.

Date palms grow like weed in Khairpur soil. Date seeds discarded by humans and animals would germinate in due course of time in any unpaved ground. Varieties are numerous and cross-pollination ensures emergence of new once. The dry, hot climate makes the fruit very sweet, supple and juicy

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