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The lost of world

Hello!Everyone!I am a Chinese girl.I am 17 years old.You can call me "Biqi".I seted up this blog because of I want to let more foreign friends konws the Chinese cultures.It is fascinated.Welcome everyone comes in here!
Ah,a photo of my school.Its name is Humen Hign School.

I love stories.I want to introduce story "Xianjian Qixia story".It is famous during the China.Its story, romantic,full of legendary and love.This is a photo about it.I will write the story's plot in next article... ...
Well£¬I like the music.I like all kind of music.But ,I will introduce the main Chinese music .Of course.If you have some good music,you could tell me.I want learn more music about the all over the world.
The song "Lovesickness LeadÏà˼Òý"--singer:Dong Zhen¶­Õê
This song has the classical beauty.But it isn't a classical music.It has some popular elements.
I translated the words of song£º

Dream be in company with wind to fly Ten-thousand Kilometer
Human society came and left many times
The face likes the peach blossom beautfully to make someone miss
One years became the past again
Don't sigh the moon was amorous
The love was left difficultlly
Your eyes likes the stars
Turn round to see the rainy
Seeing the time was flied in skyline of end
Not to ask the back time
Dont' let down lovesickness
waiting for the flowers will be in full bloom in sky of side
Only want to don't forget to turn round the many sights
waiting for the flowers will be in full bloom in sky of side
Only want you don't forget
Turn round to smile the many sights

The song address£º

Lauren,thanks your message.I haven't see the blog so long.Because few person to like it.Then,I abandon,I see your message.I am feel elated.I want to keep up.But I am a university student,now.I still study the art.

Well,I major in cartoon on campus.Recently,I give a little attention to a cartoon.I feel delighted to see the China 's cartoon of new beginning.I find some pictures about this cartoon.It calls ¡°His age¡±.It tells a story about the university students 's game life.They like playing LOL.And then,some interesting ,heart-warming,cheerful ,happens between them.

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