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Big Dreams: Actor/Actress

This is a blog for everyone who has the dreams of becoming an actor or actress. Every one needs a dream no matter who the are or how big the dream is. And if you are one of those people with big dreams you need to chase them and don't give up. You can do any thing you put your mind to and that is not a lie.
The next following is some simple steps to making your dreams come true.

Step 1- Tell your parent/gaurdian about your dream so they can help.
Step 2- Get involved in a local theater or acting class. Your school may even have a Drama Club!
Step 3- Send a letter to stars who are already actors and actresses and tell them your Dream and see if they could help (you never know how they might be able to help).
Step 4- Be ready to get rejected sometimes.
Step 5- Be willing to travle, spend all yourtime on this, and do what ever it takes.
Step 6- Look up auditions on your computer for comercials.
Step 7- Starting small will help you get better and have bigger roles.
Step 8- Don't give up, keep trying.

I hope this might help! If you think there is anything I should add contact me on Students of the world under Brookelyn who is 12 and from the USA. Thanks!

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