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1st place on "torenstad toernooi"
(this is my old team)
Last sunday we participated at the "torenstad toernooi" want to know who won?
The first game we should have played at 13.55 PM but our opponent did quit because of the bad weather, so we won that game with 3-0. We praticed on corners at the time that we should have played the match. Then we spoke about the next game we talked about tactics, and then we had to play our next game. We started a little bit scared and we did not take our duels, and our opponents were better, but didn't score. Then we felt a bit more confident and scored the 1-0, the 2-0 followed fast. This was the outcome of the second match. Two matches 6 points a good start. We won the next game with 3-0 we were much better then our opponents. the last game did was hard and our defence had a hard time, and it soon was 0-1. Then we start doing our best like we did not do during the whole tournament, and out of a penalty came the 1-1. Finally! With a tie we would have been first as well but we wanted to win completely, and we went on. There was he the 2-1 in the last 10 seconds! We Won again

09-09-2012 Oeken D2-Be Quick Zutphen D2 1-4

This day we had to play a match against Oeken D2 we knew that they would be a good upponent, but we did want to win from them. The referee was a little bit biased for Oeken, so out of a corner (that actually was a goalkick)the 1-0 did come. We were better during the rest of the 1st half but we could not score. So at the break the score was 1-0, we were not happy with it and we would do everything we could in the 2nd half. After 5 minutes we scored the 1-1 out of a good pass from the defence to the attack. The 1-2 and 1-3 did follow in about the next 10 minutes. And like 10 minutes before the end signal we did score the 4-1. The first 3 points of the competition are in the pocket
4-9-2012 Match against PAX D4

yesterday evening we had to play against PAX D4. We started good with much ball possession, and 1-0 followed fast. PAX D4 got some chances now, but out of a counter we scored the 2-0. PAX thought that they already lost the game and the 3-0 and 4-0 followed fast. then we had the break, and our trainers said thatt we had to keep playing like we are doing now. So when we played on it soon became 6-0. After a couple of minutes PAX did got a good chance: 6-1. That would be their last goal but the score would be 10-1 for us we won again!!
(my new team)

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