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Hello people of the world. I dedicate this website to scientists who have contributed to a historical timeline. You might be speculating, why do humans smell? It can be because of their descending culture and what various foods they digest and our body absorbs the fumes. Or because they have no personal hygiene. The logical scientific explanation is: Humans have two types of sweat glands sweat glands. Eccrine and apocrine sweat glands. Eccrine sweat glands are minuscule and are located in most functional parts of your body. They coarse under your your skin and descend to your skin surface. They combine in a mixture of water and salt (water, NaCl, potassium and bicarbonate etc.)Resulting in it cooling your body. Apocrine sweat glands are much bigger and are found in only certain parts of your body. They trigger your body oder. They are situated in your underarms and your pubic area's. Contrary to travelling under your body they ascend to a hair follicle. Resulting in it carrying seat to your skin. Bacteria feeds off the seat and they excrete and leave waste remains on the area's and this is what causes the horrid oder. It is basically the bacteria's poo. How do we get spots? Easy, it is the process of dirt gathering up in our pores. When you sweat oil glands collect up in your face and use your pores, the little dents in your face, as their habitat. The term puss is what usually inhabit's inside a common pimple or spot. Puss is basically a solution of the remaining plasma and dead cells. The body wants to get rid of these by forming a nice juicy spot. During puberty you produce more hormones increasing the rate in spots. Interesting, isn't it. My mama has spots on her face but she is still super naturally cute! Spots can also be triggered by your dieting issue's and the cause of stress. Puss is the collection of white blood cells trying to overcome the infections. My mama is slim and is head to toe in c if(metaphorically)! So why does she have spots? Yes, it is due to the masses of oil glands getting reformed into a mighty pimple because the body wants to rid the dead cells(white blood cell which form the white head). The oily substance which also arrives out with the puss is the sebum. Do not pick a spot with a black head! A black head is formed when the cells undergo a chemical reaction because the sebum is blocked with sebaceous glands. The white head is the sign of when you can pick the spot or pimple! Acne is a common spot disease which is popular throughout the region of teenagers due to the increasing amount of hormones being produced inside a person's body!
Have you always wanted to know flabbergasting phenomenal facts about Japan? Anime is a popular source of televisual entertainment observed by many nations. This consists of a vast amount of their culture and a preview of their lifestyle. A kimono is commonly a floral printed gown worn by maidens and masters due to it being a traditional piece of clothing worn throughout generations of Japan's citizens. It is worn at ceremonies or visit's at their shrine. The gown is combined with a silky piece of expansive material which is used to tie a precise bow at the back of the gown. The Japanese school curriculum consists of many subjects divided into lessons and breaks are segmented in between the lessons to allow students to flourish themselves. Many Japanese families have exchange students who come from different continents and inhabit inside their host families' care. Manner's is essential in Japanese culture. When arriving and descending from school or outing's the child must greet the elder. Japanese refrain from wearing excessive amounts of clothing due to the constant heat. Japanese women must also refrain from wearing shirts which come below the collar bone as this provokes the lack of respect. Also the men are more likely to get jobs because the women are not expected to work as many hours as the men. 60 hours a week is classed as normal in Japanese society. Cos play is a popular form of expressing their love towards anime. Cos play stands for costume play, this is where a person dresses up as their favourite anime character! There is also a vast variation of stalls from which to chose from as foreigners visit Japan for their regional tourist attractions. Western clothing is a really popular fashion statement undergoing Japan. Hatsune Miku is a hologram used for an entertainment business. She is a vocaloid who sings phenomenal abnormal pitches which interest nations around the world. She encounters live performances and makes her own music video's gaining more and more success to Japan's entertainment industry. Western food in national stores is very expensive as a result of this exchange student's gather their own sources of food before leaving off to Japan. K-pop is a popular music industry which has encountered Japan's teenagers. Korean pop bands sometimes have a combination of different Asian nationalities to form a national group increasing the amount of watchers. Exo is a really popular Korean bands which I really love and would recommend to any teenager or young adult! This is exo Luhan! He is really cute and type in exo overdose for their newest song!
This is sugar sugar rune and this is one of my favourite anime's! If you have heard of pokemon, that is an anime too! Watch this!!! On YouTube!

([ If you chose pink chose: ] [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ])
([ If you chose green chose: ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ])
([ If you chose:5,2 or 3: ] [Goose ] [Penguin]
([ If you chose:1, 4 or 6: ] [ Giraffe ][Parrot]
([ If you chose the animal beginning with 'G':] [Beans ][Carrot )
([If you chose the animal beginning with 'P': ] [ Mushroom ][rice] )
[Beans]= You are a feisty, saucy person although you have a kind heart.
[carrot]= You like to munch on books all day, relishing the taste of your homework.
[Mushroom]= You are an unknown substance to mankind.
[Rice]= You are a fashionable and can form a logical explanation for everything.

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