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Daily life about me!!🤩

Happy Halloween!!
Halloween for me was awesome!! This year I was a Dark Angel. What were you guys?? My best friend Kenzie was a Devil,we were twinning!! Oh and I asked Kenzie if I can interview her and she said sure.Probably next time I'm here I can interview her.Oh and if you were wondering why I was gone for so long I was busy studying for my exam since we had one. I hope you guys had a happy Halloween and a great time. See you guys again in the future.

Hello everyone!!! Sorry I didn't post in a while I was at Las Vegas and I couldn't bring my computer. School is about to start soon on August 5th. Yeah I know we start school REALLY early, That's how it is where I live at . OK so probably when I post next time or after I am going to be doing a interview's with one of my friends. I don't know who but I am very sure I will so be updated. Anyway Please have a great day stay out of trouble and buy!!!!!
Heyy you guys!!! I am really excited because school is almost over!!! And also there is a thing before the last day of school there is a thing called a Luau. You may know what a luau is but if not a Luau is a Hawaiian party. It is a tradition to do in the summer but we're doing the day before the last day. I am really excited!!! We are also gonna be doing field day!! Field day is a thing we can do activities and have lots of fun. And the last thing is athing called electronic day. That is when you can use electronic in the classroom but not anywhere else. Since my teacher is fun he is doing this secretly. HAVE A NICE DAY BYE!!!
Hi school is already over!!! I am really happy. For summer I am going to this thing called summer rec. We do activities, swimming, and field trips. My favorite things are the crafts and the field trips. A field trip we're going to is in Pheonix. The firld trip is Sky Zone. We will all go there for free. I went there before and it is really fun. Well have a nice day bye!!!
Hey guys!!!! I am full of fun things this week !!!!! First the movies on Thursday next doing a very important project and now on Wednesday I get to eat muffins with my mom at school. Isn't that so exciting?!?!?! I am really excited for the movies especially. WELL GTG BYE!!!!
Hello I am back!!!! I just wanted to say I have a thing to say. I FINISHED AZ MERIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy I finished az merit because it was so stressful for me and ugh. Well I am so happy And I hope you guys are proud of me. If you don't know what az merit is it is a test to see if you are ready to do on the next grade or not. I HOPE I PASSED!!! PLZZ HELP ME LORD TO PASS!!!!!!! Well I am so greatful I finished and happy that my friends gave me all the support. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey guys I am back!!! And guess what I am doing this coming Thursday??? I am going to the movies!!! My family and I will watch Max's story. I read the book and the book is so sad😢, but it is ok and I might cry during the movie but that is ok!!!!! Also since Az merit is over my class and I will be doing project through the rest of the year. I AM EXCITED TILL SCHOOL ENDS 😄!!!!!! Well have a nice day everyone bye!!!!!!
Hello Everyone!!!! My name is Bea and I am 10 years old. My birthday is November 28. My favorite food is Mexican Tacos🌮 and pizza🍕!!! And in this blog I will be doing daily stuff what will be happening in my life, and I will also be doing interviews with my friends!!! 🤗 Well that is all for today BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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