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hi keery ball my name. 23 years old. lol ok 25 , well girls this is for us. have you ever think. god i love to have good job, lot of money lol. be well known. have ball.?? see world. have lot of sweet boys lol. well more on me i want all them things. i want to buy mum dad things, things they like. then on 3 day of march 20,6 this picture made me go cool cool. i got some thing i never thought would come true

yes i want to be on the catwalk.

i want to be model. now i got the job . world models. had did as it say on the tin, give all would be the chance

the things i love about them. was i got the chance. they look after you. lots of work. fulltime. top money. and girls all over world was takeing on by them. we be put up in top hotels. ever one work with for each other. shainna, is one of my best buddys. i meet lots of big name people. and be to 17 countries

hi i could not get it in to my head. that i got job as full time. but in honesty fond ever one lovely. i was looked after so well. i just love my job shanna
i want to 1st of all thank this web. it give me you all of oppurnity to have blogs. it fun, i be comeing to blog city for about 2 years. i love it. my blog is to let you girls like myself, see you can get top job like this. to show it not dream to want to make it big in this job. and to tell you never find better company that this one. as liz in the picture can tell you

hi juliy croft my name, iam 17 years old . now full time , i love the work.

i be to 4 countries in one year.

world models is the best. look after you. they make you big, any girl who ever want to make it , i say go to world models.

hi yous all. iam kelly. just 19. i give up school, to be on the cat walk, i know it was right thing to do. my job full of good times. good money. lots of fun

this is things i get to do in my job. i just love love it

we need to eat well. keep fit. lot of hard work go on in the back ground. but to be honest it fun. you meet lot of V .I .P .S. i be on t,v 28 times. i acted in 4 dramas. and be in 3 t,v movies.
be to u.s.a 24 times. italy 4 times. holland 3, france 6 , spain 4, hong kong 2 times. australia 3 times canada 2 times. soon off to mexico for 3 weeks. then sweden for 3 weeks. all as model

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