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Hey guys and girls so today i'm gonna be talking about...Myself! So why though? Because i want you guys to learn more about me before continuing on! So lets get to it!

So you all know my name its Layan Obviously so I have many MANY Hobbies one of them is obviously baking then I am also into singing and art but why didn't I write about them well because i'm still working on my art and my singing to improve but I spend most of my time in the kitchen because it's most likely to be my 2nd home! So Where have I been to? I've been to a lot of of places like London,Manchester, Lebnan and obviously Dubai oh plus Syria!
My life doesn't always have art, singing or cooking I have straight A's and B's at school and my parents are proud . My worst subject is Math and my best is Science and English Why? because English doesn't have any numbers or adding OR FRACTIONS! But when i don't know the homework guess what! GOOGLE HERE I COME! (Sorry Mr. Jurie!) But Spelling as well Because... Mr, Sean told us to to make "more complex sentences". So yeah! And by the way i'm addicted to chicken nuggets!

I was in a different school I
Marble Cakes


Hello and welcome back to my blog site with moi Layan! Hopefully you guys enjoyed my last blog about cookie...Cakes! If you didn't already please go check it out it'll make me have a baketastic day! Lets get onto the Blog!

So I was having a really boring day at school after getting my results and.... they were not baketastic at all i went home with a frown but then my mother made me smile. she made me A Cute but huge marble cake (BTW it was vanilla) I finished lunch like a hungry puppy getting ready to jump into the food! I was so excited that i slipped really hard but... I didn't care I just ran to the shelf to get a plate to put the cake on i mean i wouldn't just it it with my bare hands so i obviously i got a spork ( A spoon and a fork mixed together) my baby brothers just to tell ya! I decided that ANY vanilla cake NEEDED NUTELLA! so i put a spoonful on the cake and spread it out.

While eating it i decided to watch some sky den (you should check it its amazing!)https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ-tPQ0H1KMdUhtHQYMEJ-1ZX2D67cLEk (there's the link!) and the cake was DELICIOUS! I wanted more but i didn't want to finish the cake though!

hey guys! Hope you enjoyed my marble cake blog if you guys want more please do leave a comment down below and..
I hope All of you have Baketastic day!
The Pizza Looking Cookie Cake!


Bonjour!And welcome back to Baking world with me Layan duh! So As you can read the blog's title I will be writing all about the giant cookie pizzaish cake me and my mom have eVeR made so lets get onto de blog!

So About a month ago our school had an international day celebration day so our class was Jordan but we made a big gigantic cookie cake it was delicious by the way! Everybody ended up loving it!And the teacher ended up eating 2 slices and giving a slice to our head primary our teacher also said that she enjoyed it!

hey Guys sorry if i didn't make this blog long like I usually do but anyways i hope you all enjoyed this blog!

And i hope you guys have a baketastic day and...

<FONT color=rosybrown>The Broken Cake Incident


Hola I hope you enjoyed my last blog! So last time I said I'm making a blog about a broken cake! So... here it is!

On some regular day me and my mom decided to make a triple chocolate cake! We got a Betty Croker mix (duh! its the best!) So we got everything ready
but...My mom decided to put the heat on 270 degrees Celsius! When it was supposed to be 180 degrees Celsius! So after an hour we opened the oven and took it out!My mom decided to punch it out of the pan but... it didn't work we did a lot to try to get the cake out of the pan but it didn't work as planned! She hit it down so hard that half of the cake technically ripped... But then we got an idea! To call it Brokey the broken cake! We made it look cool in the end but it was still as beautiful
as a normal pretty Betty Croker cake!

Hey guys I hoped you Enjoyed this Blog! Wasn't the best but hey! I hope you guys have a Baketastic day And...

My First Blog


Hi! My name is Layan, Welcome into my baking world. Here I'll be talking about my obsession and dream of baking I've I always thought of my mother as my baking idol she's kind, heart warming, and she will never let me down! And why I chose the subject "cooking' is because I'm a... Foodie! As my whole family says they always said that I spend a little bit too much time in the kitchen making food like chocolate strawberries with banana's on top of them I give some to myself and for my family! And I kind of try to make eggs for myself...Sometimes though!

So for my next blog in a few days, ill be talking about that time when me and my mom made a cake! And then... Broke! I hope you enjoyed learning about me before I start off with my daily baking life please do leave a comment down below if you like my blogs!

Thank You So Much And Have A Baketastic day!


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