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Badminton is a ball played by two opponents or two opponents in a ragged ball with a racquet and a mantel, a strip of a height of 155 cm and a square of 5.18 m and a rectangle of 13.40 m, divided into two halves. Opponent sides try to drop the ball to the opponent's field and score points. Only the service user can earn points. Each set is 15 points and the first party to 15 receives the set (at least 2 points difference). The pitch is determined by the pitch and the starting kick is a throw-in. The winner of the spin-off will make a choice to serve or meet the player and start the game with the service. The serving player sends the ball to the paddle from top to bottom without crossing the waist level. It is necessary to look down on the head mushroom head. When servicing, do not stop the two-foot contact with the floor.

If the ball passes over the filen and does not reach the opponent's half-field, it falls outside the field lines, or if it hits the tavar, it is deemed to be out of the game. Using the service without the player ready is considered a rule violation. However, if the player who makes the move makes a move to meet, it becomes a foul. The playing area is 13.4m in length and 5.18m in width. Couples are added 42 cm more to these measurements. The field is divided in half by the full width of the field. At the end of the first set, if the match is played over a single set in the third set before the third set, if the leading party reaches the 6th set on the 11th set and the 15th set on the 8th set,


Unless otherwise agreed, parties play at most three sets. Only the service recipient can count. In single men and couples encounters, the set of first-arriving sides wins the number 15, except in the case referred to in rule 6. In single ladies encounters, the party that first reaches the number 11 wins, except in the case referred to in rule 9.6.

The extensions will have the right to extend the set of parties (referred to in rule 6) that reaches the set number 14 (10 in single ladies) when the set score is 14-14 (10-10 in single ladies). can be used the moment it is accessed and before the next service call is made. Extensions are carried out in the following forms. Situation 14-14, 3 points when going to extension.


For an accurate service shot; Players who use and meet the service will stop in cross-service. The feet stand in such a way that they do not touch the border lines surrounding these service areas and remain in motion while a portion of both feet of the servicer who is servicemen are in contact with the surface of the play area, until the service is done.

All the ball should be placed below the waist line of the player who uses the service, and the first stroke on the ball should be done by touching the base. At the time of the ball hit, the handle of the racket of the player who uses the service will be tilted downward so that the racket head will be clearly below the racket holding hand of the player. As soon as the service is started, the racket of the player using the service continues to move forward. The game starts with a service call. For a correct service shot;

During the service, you are expected to be within the service area that is allocated to you, without interrupting the two legs. The service area can be right or left depending on the status of the scoring.
During the service stroke, the ball and racket head should be below the waist level.

If the service charge is not correct,
If the feather ball net is attached and hangs on the top when the service is started, or if the opponent is wearing the net bag after the net is lifted,
During the game, if the feather falls outside the boundary lines of the playing field,
If you go through or under the filen,
If you do not go to the other side of the filen,
If it is a person or object in the area outside the immediate vicinity of the playground,
If the rival playground violates the racket and body under the net, which will block or distract the competitor,
The rival strikes the knee, hitting the feather ball over the net,
If the ball is hit twice by the same player,
If the player is punished for insistent and aggressive behavior and disgraceful actions, then he / she is misbehaving.


The service ticket is determined by a coin. The player who gains the right to serve in the singles game starts the game by hitting the ball from the right service area to the cross service area of ​​the opposite side in accordance with the rules. In the event of a failure, the service right is lost and crossed. The game thus continues.

In the doubles game, the first right to serve is also determined by throwing a comic strip. Let's assume that the EU players have played against the XY players and that the EU players have won the service. A player got the right to serve. The player A dispenses service to the cross service area on the right side of the X player. If the count is won, then the same player will serve from the left to the Y player. In the event of a loss of service, the right to serve is transferred to the other party. As the number is earned, the same player passes the service right to the second player in the same team in case of error. If that player makes a mistake, the service goes to the other side and the game continues like this.


Forehand And Backhand Grip

The forehand grip is held like a tenin grip, the sign and the thumb in the form of V, the palm up partially. Like a tenacious bachand grip, the paddle is held in the forehand position, turning to the right, and the hunter partially down.

Forehand and Backhand

During the preparation phase, the body weight should be equally balanced on both feet and one foot in front. The ball must be in the forefoot position and the paddle must be retracted, while the wrist should be raised.

During the ball release phase, body weight must be transferred to the front leg and the eyes must be on the ball. During the stroke, the paddle must swing forward and meet the cork part of the ball. The weight should be in the forefoot and the ball of the eyes should be in pursuit. After the strikes, the wrists should still keep the upper position and follow the arm and body towards the ball.

The backhand service shot is an easy and successful hit used by the majority of players. The paddle and the ball are taken to the front of the body, the ball is hit with the back of the paddle and with little oscillation. In the preparation phase, the weight should be balanced in two legs and one leg should be in front. The ball and paddle should be below the waist level and in front of the body.

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