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First I wanted to let yall know that this is not B5's blog....but don't let that stop you from hitting me up! I get emails all the time askin "B5" why they never come to someone's home town and askin for autographs, I don't have their email address but I might be able to get some tour dates NO PROMISES!!!!!!!!!! I really appericate the love yous are givin me and my site. Don't hesitate to vist my other site. Don't just sign the guest book and leave join the forum and fill out the survey!!!! Or if that's tooo much then click that email button and tell me what you think needs to be added or taken off!!! I'm gonna give yall two pics of celbs. that I'm thinkin about addin to my me with yea or naw and let me know what yall think. Well gotta go, K.I.T
higgles and oddles of kissies
Symona R.
look-e here this is my site n i dnt like all yall lil kids on here talkin shit to each other over sum guys most of yal aint never met so do us all a favor n get a life or a least get each others email addresses so i dnt have ta see it k
urs truely
Symona R.

H3y yall dis is a pic of my favorit3 man in da world!!chris brown is th3 s3xcii3st man/boy/thing aliv3!!!!
[picture not found]

haters can

[picture not found]

only applies 2 b5

plse sign da guest book

look at da body on dat nigga

don't ya just wana

Look at my husband at the summer jam

Here he goes again

My baby as baby(carnell)

look at them gettin they skool on

work den play

look at bryan and carnell chillin at home.

dusty and kellz showing what they got

aint they fyne

dats my baby

dis is when B5 came to elithes in Denver

more of dem proforrming



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