Animals - Dogs, Cats
The cutest dogs and cats eva!!!

Welcome to my blog.
The pictures are really cute here.
See ya and ... ENJOY!!!

Awww all of these cuties!!!
Their called Chloe,Barney,Oscar,Kiki and Polly.

I call these Romeo and Juliet.
These kittens look about 2 months old!!!

This one looks like its saying
"No me.Thats mine"
I call her Koke
[picture not found]

You may kiss the bride!!
These two look like there in love and getting married!!!

This little Jack Russell is very cute.
He is called Bow.

This little doggie is a very pink doggie.
I think you can guess what her name is...........
Yes it is Pinky!!!

Aww this one is sticking out his tounge at you!!!!

I could just drink them!!!
This ones pretty (the white ish one) and this ones kitty (the brown ish one)!

This little one looks like Scamp in Moshi monsters.
Its one of the moshlings!!!
I call him Scamcam

Here comes Winnie th pooh.
Oh no he's eaten too much honey!!
This is Honey moe moe.

This ones singing his herat out.
I call him kola kola koke!!!!
He loves singing,(especialy Lady Gaga!!!)

Shake your booty one more time ooh ooh ooh!!!
This ones called Giggles.
He is a boy and loves to dance!!!

Look at my new collar!!!
This is a show off dog.
I call him Shoe Show!!!

Get me out of here!!
This little tinkers trying to escape!!!
I call her Tilly.

This is Boo!
He is the worlds cutest dog like ever!!
His hair sticks up thick those scientists when something explodes!!

The cutest dogs and cats eva!!! (Animals - Dogs, Cats)    -    Author : Lucy - Great Britain

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