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I know alot about making blogs and stuff. I know how to do the advanced stuff and i'm only 11!

I have like 7 blogs at studentsoftheworld.info and I know a lot about tables so enjoy this awesome blog
My top 10 songs

10. Fly on the Wall
9. Another One Bites the Dust
8. So What
7. Girls and Boys
6. We are the Champions
5. Naturally
4. We Will Rock You
3. Round and Round
2. Life is a Highway
1. The Final Countdown

But the song I hate absolutly hate is Baby by Justin Bieber}:
You may know that studentsoftheworld.info has an e-pal thing and I have joined it.

So email me there or become a penpal there so you can SOTW mail me. I take Boys and deffinatlly Girls(: Contact me soon

Here's a little about me
Favorite color

My favorite color is blue because it is a pretty cool color and it remindes my of the ocean full of fish and sharks(: and all kinds of awesome stuff.
My favorite sport

My favorite sport is Baseball because its entertaining to watch and fun to play. I really love the Detroit Tigers and good they are.
Least favorite Celebraty

Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is ugly, stupid, a fart-so, crap, sing like a girl cross with the sound of some one scratching a chalkboard, is gay and an id10t. That is just the least to expect. :
Favorite subject in school

Band is my favorite subject in school. Now I only play the Clarinet but i'm first chair.

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