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Hello! My name is Athena, I'm about 14 years old, and I come from the United States of America. My... Background? I believe that is the word... My background is Irish, Scottish, German, French, Dutch, and possibly Native American.

I guess I'll start off simply introducing myself and explaining my interests.

I use rather big words and good grammar for someone who lives in America. If you haven't a clue what I'm saying... I'll try to use more simple words! I am very sorry.
Out of the millions of people in America... I am the oddball. I am very, extremely. horrifyingly, weird.
I'm one of the very rare, one in a thousand-- female gamers. No, please, don't be afraid to geek out on me. Do not run away, for I shall catch you! Haha, kidding. I only started being VERY interested until lately. I'd only play half of the games my older brothers had finished. I'm catching up, though-- Starting with the classics. Pokemon Snap!, Duck Hunt, Mario, Zelda-- You understand the general theme, don't you? AND! Deadrising 2 is how I spend my boring weekends... :)
I have read the whole Hunger Games series, before it was popular. I might say... The last book ruined the entire series... I demand a re-write! ...Only kidding, of course. The last book, Mockingjay was HORRIBLE. I'm not going to ruin it for anyone... I'm warning you now, do NOT read the next line if you haven't finished it. (Does ANYONE ELSE think it is strange Finnic got a one-liner mention of his death and nothing else?) OKAY. Now you're safe.
K-pop, J-pop, anime, manga, K-dramas, J-pop dancers... Love them all. Favorite K-pop group? 2NE1, of course! J-pop? 4 minute is Japanese, I believe? If so, 4 minute. Anime? ...You're making me decide!? Okay, fine, Hetalia. Axis Powers, World Series, AND Paint it White. Hetaoni videos make me cry. ;-; Hetaoni Douga... AGH! So beautiful, so sad, and so... So... SO ROMANTIC! Haha! HRExChibitalia was so CUTE. Manga? Kamisama Hajimemashita... What a mouthful of a name, but a well thought through and fun story! K-dramas, I've only finished a few, but I'm a Cyborg But That's Ok and Lie to Me are pretty good. Although I'm a Cyborg But That's Ok was very strange... LIKE ME! :)
The best book series EVER!? I believe the answer is The Immortal Instruments. (City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass... ect.) Cassandra Clare is so sarcastic and hilarious, and unpredictable. The entire first book, I thought something was going to happen, I was 100 percent sure... But then, NOPE. Cassandra's like, nope, something completely obvious that you didn't even guess! And so you're like... NOOOOOOOOO! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!

I must retire now, I will probably forget where this blog is later, but that's OKAY~!

-Atty (aka... Foxxi)

-P.S. I have a picture from a few months ago, I had red and blue hair at the time... Here it is. Ciao!

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