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ashley tisdale fansite

welcome to my ashley tisdale fansite i am a huge fan so i made this i hope you like it.

birthname-ashley michelle tisdale
birthday-july 2,1985
birthplace-monmouth county,new jersey
hair-red (blonde)
family-mom (lisa),dad (mike),older sister (jennifer)
favorite color-pink
favorite food-sushi and pizza
favorite show-the hills,laguna beach
best friends-vanessa hudgens,miley cyrus,her mom,her older sister
favorite subject in high school-creative writing
favorite music groups-Billy Joel, Elton John, The Used, All American Rejects, and Nick Lachey
hobbys-shopping hanging out with friends
favorite actors-Johnny Depp, Leonardo Dicaprio, Julia Roberts, and Brittany Murphy
favroite desingers-Diesel, Bebe, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Marc
favorite HSM song-breaking free
her one true favorite-her family
favorite book-The Great Gatsby
favorite movies-Just Married, My Best Friends Wedding, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
favorite ride at disneyland-Pirates of the Caribbean

like the hat ashley

happy ashley

i this ash looks cute in this picture

ashley's hair looks nice in this picture

if you guys havent ever saw ashley's older sister,she is the one with the red dress on.

hey its ashley

smile ashley

ashley on tv

her name is ashley tisdale
these are just icons i found on and Ashley-Tisdale.NL i hope you like theam

ashley just dance

this is for like big huge fans of ashley tisdale

its just headstrong crazy days

kiss the girl

rainbow girl

be good to me


its mizz ashley tizdale

because everyday its something else

he loves

first its day and light now its all dark and night

you know you want to smile

im here

back to back

ashley signing atougraphs

ashley and her dog blondie

ashley recording her headstrong cd

visit ashley's offical site now click here!!

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