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Full Name: Asa Donald Ruth
Date of Birth: May 19,1995
computer games, travalng, desgining websites, play bingo.

School facks:
Kennedy Middle School (Favorite Subjects)
grade 8 Math, Art, Science,
New Mexico Social Studies.
Facks About Me:
I love to walk my dog on saterdays, for about an hour.
Im in the Civil Air Patrol which is an auxiliray of the air force.
My favorite TV shows are george lopez, Home Improvement, Suite Life of Zack And Cody.
I have alot of pets I have 4 guinie pigs 3 dogs 16 fish and 2 birds. With me half my family is in the military i sortove have the military blood... I talk to my freinds alot. And mostly all my freinds have someone in the military. In school i have mostly all B but i dont know why my teachers tell me to bring my grade up. im taking classes to learn CPR and im neer to getting a baby sittng job. Im going to be getting a job at best buy to where they pay 7.75 an hour but ill have 2 jobs when im 16.

Stories About my life: One time to where I move everything around in my math teachers classroom and she starts yelling at the class and i told her that it was the 7th grade english teacher and she started yelling at her and she had no idea what was going on but then i went to my math teacher a month later and told her that it was me that messed up the class room but she didnt yell at me or anything.

we have the most beauitiful sunsets after a storm
In my family i have 3 brothers and 1 sister i also have 2 sister in laws and 1 brother in law. with me i also have 2 neices and 1 nephew. alot of people look at me weired when i say my sister is 32 and my sister is drunk she starts saying im sorry im drunk thinking my grandma could here her from over 45 miles away.

Albuquerque has the biggest ballon fiesta in the world
I am in the civil air patrol if you want more info please go on to CAP.gov (picture Unavailible) The civil air patrol can teach you search and rescue. First aiad. and they can also teach you flight lessons. ive been in ever since June and im now a sinior airman. you can also participate in state activitys.

This is the money i got for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!I wish

I wish I can have this kind of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With all my freinds they are weird. Thats almost i can say about it.my freind Liam he is also in civil air patrol.but i tell him he is in the girlly squadron and hes part of the girls. My freind Patrick he is sort of more weird than Liam but whats funny he always hide from his sister and his sister is a spaz.and a sycotic girl.
(picture unavalable)

The car i want is a 1977 ford mustan mach1 with twin turbo super charged leather crome spinners and 27 inch wheels

This is a picture in Utah

this dosent make any since?????? get the kids something while i go to hooters come back and get me in 2 hours

Well worth a shot

Okay this is obvious

well these people got a light show

I love when that happens!!! This is in albuquerque one year after it rained.

this was a shocker because we barly get tornados in the mounatins

I dont want to get that decrative

And yes we get snow in New Mexico its not always warm year round that you think it is

This is on christmas eve morning in 2006 "That's Pretty

Who dosent want this car

i love the sandia mountains at sunset

i got to see kevin harviks car since im a nascar fan

here is my dream car

heres are car we got for 1,300 dollars

gabriel iglacias is one of my favorite comedians

george lopez is one of my favorite shows

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