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Hi my name is Arantxa, I´m a student and I want to practice my english skills.

This is my grandmother on my father's side , her name is María Josefina Juaréz, her birthday is on March 1st, she is 74 years old and she likes Juan Gabriel and cooks really good.

This is my grandfather on my father´s side his name is Enrique Fernando García Martínez, he is 78 years old, his birthday is on September 24 and he likes action movies and to travel.

This is my grandmother on my mother´s side, her name is Martha Elena Quiroz Morales, she is 68 years old, her birthday is on June 16, she likes spanish things like the spanish food and music, and she is very smart.

This is my grandfather on my mother´s side, his name was Francisco Guillermo Torres Gallego, he is not longer alive, he died on April 2001, He also liked spanish things like my grandmother, although I never met him everybody say that he was a good and a smart man.

These are my aunts and uncles on my mother´s side, the first one is my aunt Francisco Torres Quiroz, his birthday is on June 7, He is a scientist and he likes the alternative rock, The next one is my uncle Guillermo Torres Quiroz, he is a politician his birthday is on October 11, he likes mexican music and he is very funny, After him is my aunt Karla she is an historian, her birthday is on may 13 and she likes cats and she is very smart, In the following picture is my aunt Monserrat Torres Quiroz she is a scientist, her birthday is on October 19 she is very funny and intelligent and in the last picture is my mom, she is a lawyer, her birthday is on May 14, she is very smart and she likes to read and listen to music.

These are my aunts and uncles on my father´s side, The first one is Mario Alberto García Juaréz, he is my father, his birthday is on november 12,He is an accountant and he likes the rock and he cooks very good, the next one is my uncle Fernando García Juaréz, he is an engineer, he is very funny and his birthday is on April 27, then we have my aunt Claudia García Juaréz, she is a graphic designer, her birthday is on February 2, she is vey cool and she likes to travel, In the following picture is my uncle Daniel Arturo Serrano Juaréz he is an informatic engineer, his birthday is on June 8, he likes dogs and he is also very funny and smart, And the last one is my uncle Miguel Angel Serrano Juárez, he is a business administrator and a photographer, hes is very smart and wise.

And these are my sibligs and me the first one is José Andrés García Torres he is 21 years old his bithday is on September 27, he is a student, he is studying an engineering, he likes to play viedogames, rock, read and dogs, the second one is Ricardo Emilio García Torres he is 17 years old his birthday is on september 2, he likes electronic music and rock, he likes to play football and play videogames and he is a student, and the third one is me, Martha Arantxa García Torres, I´m 15 years old, my birthday is on May 17, I am a student, I like to read, listen to music like rock and a little of everything, I like to play videogames, and going out with my friends :D and I also LOVE the family´s dog, Rocko :3.

Hi my name is Arantxa, I´m a student and I want to practice my english skills. (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Arantxa - Mexico

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