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Hello and welcome to my

Kaboli With Jijaj


WOW!!!!! Chicken and rice, the way mum makes it. Kaboli is a traditional Arabic dish that is served in a big metal plate. The rice usually has raisins and almonds fried with the rice to give it that extra sweet and nutty taste. Kaboli is also accompanied with yogurt and salsa sauce on the side for people who want extra taste. kaboli is often eaten with hands, but don't let that put you off. when eaten you can eaither have it on a separate plate or from the dish itself. while eating respect is always consirdered, for example you shouldnt mix your area with the food itself or with other peoples area.

For me eating Kaboli from the dish is an amazing experience and one not to forget.

My First Blog

Welcome to my first blog. Its Jon By the way if you wanted to know who is typing here!!! A quick background about and to why I have choose to write about Arabian Food. Firstly my parents come from the middle east. My mother is Iraqi and my father is Iranian. growing up my mother did all the cooking and let me tell you she made some wonderful stuff.

In the blogs to follow I will be talking about some of the types of food my parents made for me while growing up, i do hope you will enjoy it.

Here is a quick peek of what will be on my next blog

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