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The day in the life of a Model/ normal middle schooler!

Hello Guys! I am a child model and I wanted to talk about my daily life. When I woke up at 5 I did yoga and my skincare. While still in my pj's I made a kale and honey smoothie. I got dressed for school and packed my lunch! Today I had a sandwich with basil, tomato, mayo, cucumber, salt, and pepper. It was so delicious! After that I had a coffee. I went to school. When I got picked up I got a bubble tea! I ate dinner which was salmon and then read a book. I did my normal night routine then went to bed! That's all for today!
Hi guys! Today I woke up at 5:30 because I forgot to set my alarm last night! When I woke up I didn't do my yoga because I might be late for school. I did my skincare and makeup for school. For breakfast I had a smoothie bowl with Kiwi, Strawberries, Raspberries, and Honey. I packed my lunch which was a toast and marmalade sandwich. I got dressed for school which was jeans, a cute half black and half white crop top and my hair in curls. I also wore my new Nikes. I went to school. After school I went to the mall and got cinnabon! I got home and did my homework, read on my Kindle, did my night routine and now I'm going to bed. Night Peeps!
Hello Peeps! Today I woke up as normal and did my makeup and yoga. For breakfast I had eggs. I packed my lunch which was a ham and cheese sandwich with a yogurt. I also packed my Hint water. I wore a tank top and some Lululemon leggings. I wore some blue light glass as accessories and french braided my hair. I went to school. When I got home I watched TV and drank a Strawberry acai from Starbucks. I do homework, and my normal night routine. I'm setting my alarm right now at 10:34. Goodnight, Arabella.
HELLO PEOPLES! Today I woke up and did the norm. I ate breakfast which was a waffle and syrup. Yum! After that I wore a jean skirt with rhinestones on the edges! I also wore a plain black tee, tucked in. I curled my hair and wore some diamond earrings. I went to school. Once I got home I ate a PB&J sandwich. I studied, read, and did my normal night routine. Tonight i'm wearing my satin PJ's and at 10:17 i'm now setting my alarm. Till tomorrow, Arabella.
Hi guys, it's Fri-yay! Today I woke up at 4:47. I did everything as usual and even read some! I made my breakfast which was a strawberry and banana smoothie! I wore a spaghetti strap but a sweater over it. I also wore ripped jeans. I wore mu hair in a bun and added some bracelets. I packed my lunch which was some cucumbers and basil on a mayo sandwich. I went to school. Nothing else exciting happened today after school. It's 11:03 and i'm setting my alarm. Till tomorrow,(saturday!) Arabella.
Hello Guys!!!! Sorry for not writing in so long! Iv'e been SUPER busy! Anyways, today I woke up at 8:17. I got dressed in a tan skort(Skirt with shorts combined) and a white bodysuit. I french braided my hair. I also added some necklaces and bracelets. I ate a panini and some fruit for breakfast. At 11:57, I ate lunch which was a salmon and cucumber sandwich on rye bread. Yum! I got my nails done! They are 1 1/2 inch! They are a pink ombre! So cute! I also went to the movies! At 8 we went for dinner and got pizza! I loved it! It's 11:47, and i'm signing out. Night!
Hey Guys! Sorry I have not been posting! Been so busy with school. I got braces today! They are lavender! I really do like the color! Anyways, at 5:30 I woke up. I put on my makeup and did my hair. It was braided and has small butterfly rings braided in! I wore a lavender blouse and white jeans. I had breakfast which was fruit with yogurt and granola. I packed my lunch which was avocado toast and white rice. YUM! After that I went to school! When I got off the bus, I got to go to Starbucks! I got a sandwich and a drink. After that I went to the pet store! I got a cat! Her name is Jade! She's a Siamese cat! She's just so fluffy and cute! I got to play with here for a bit before I had Drama Club for school! I am the lead of the musical! We are doing Alice and Wonderland! I'm Alice! After drama I had to go to ballet. We are working on our performance for The Nutcracker. I'm also the lead! After that I went home for an hour before violin practice. Today I started learning Sadness and Sorrow By Taylor Davis. After that I went home, ate dinner, played with jade, read, and did yoga. At 11:17 I'm going to bed. Goodnight, Arabella.

The day in the life of a Model/ normal middle schooler! (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Arabella - USA

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