Daily life - About me & friends
About me & friends

This is all about me.
My name is Anucha Suwannatrai.
I am fifteen years old.
I'm in grade nine.
I live in Khamcha-i Mukdahan.
I live with my dad and my mom.
I go to Khamcha-i Pittayakhom school.
My favorite subjects are math and science.
My favorite sport is football.
Pleased to meet you.

This is my friends
This is my group friends.

Name : Pon.
FB : อัคระ ฯ.

Name : Aon.
FB : Anucha Khonsue.

Name : Moo.
FB : Ketkanok Phiwkham.

Name : Off.
FB : อ็อฟ' ศุภวิชญ์.
Facebook : เจ อนุชา สุวรรณไตรย์

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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