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anime drawing

The anime cartoon one piece

this is my best anime cartoon, the Olympics one piece it is the best. my brother and sisters like this cartoon because they like adventures. this is the start of this story. the story begins with a poor boy named loofy. loofy and his friends like adventures on the ship suddenly they had a problem with cruel people.

My first blog


Hi my name is rahaf , this is my first blog today I am talking about anime drawing I really love anime drawings because I now some cartoon pictures like one piece and Conan and white wolf and others here is a example of a the white wolf.

The anime of conan

this is my second best anime cartoon it is Conan. this story talks about a boy that good in detective called Conan. one night the black team and it is a bad team was on the road they heated Conan from back and then they gave him a medicine that let the big people to children. that is really scary the first time, but it is the same time fun. by the way he is gonna be a police man but by special things by his uncle.

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