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My name is An. Im 19 and this is something about me. I have to say im just a normal girl and sometimes im quite crazy :)) I love music, watching movies, going out and traveling. I want to perfect my english and then i will learn french cause france is my destination goal. If you see me for the first time, you will see a girl with short hair, purple glasses and a happy smile on her face. Everyone says i smile a lot and maybe its my advantage. I always feel optimistic and smiling keeps me relaxed. So just go with it!

So this is what i am studying right now :tourism management. I just love doing anything about tourism. I think i will be a receptionist in a hotel and then get promotion to do business. I love meeting people so i tried being a tour guide during the first year of university. Its free. I was paid nothing but i still keep doing it cause money is not everything about it. I have friends, unforgettable memories and gifts. It broadens my knowdege about life.

Yay! I love music and movies. I listen to many kinds of music and my idols are Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey. I know they are not revelent but each one has their own style that make me love them so much. I wish i could meet them in real life and go to their shows someday.
And i love american movies and tv shows. I prefer romantic ones or comendy and sometimes action movies. My favorite show is Desperate housewives :D

everything about me and the World (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : An - Viet Nam

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