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I was born in Nyakashozi hill, Kichwamba sub-county, Bunyaruguru county,Bushenyi


I started my primary school at Rugazi Central Primary School and I only studied there for

two weeks. There I happened to fight with one young girl who is now my friend and when we

are together now, we try to make a flashback of our days when we had joined school. That

girl was called Amotie, Daughter to the late Charles Nyindo of Kichwamba sub-county.After

that fight, i decided to change the school in fear of being beaten by the teachers there.

It was a Monday morning when i woke up and went with my old brother who was studing at

Kichwamba primary School without informing my parents who had already paid fees at


My Father, Late Bagonza Narsisio was a parish chief in Katerera Sub-county who came to be

told of my changing school the next weekend when he came as usual for weekends. He my

father and my mother,the late Birungi Cleatoris just kept quite and left me in that new


I was born on 28/12/1982 and started schooling in 1988. At Kichwamba p/s, when we were

there with all young pupils from our village, Teacher Bukanya came and selected those to

put in primary one A and those for primary one B. Those in primary one A were Superb as I

can say because they knew how to read at least some letters of alphabet. I was left in

P.1B for the whole year because I was green at reading and writing.My old brother

Mucunguzi Crescent for him he went in P.IA because for him, he had attended the small

Nursery school which had started in our Village by Mugisha teacher.

My parents had wanted me to join that Nursery but I refused and the results of my refusal

was to remain in P.1B at Kichwamba.

My father died in 1989 and after I was taken to live with my aunt Fairina in Isingiro

Kaberebere were I started P.2 at Kakoma Primary school in 1990.From 1990-1992 i was

there, however I also refused to study and i was heavily punished by my aunt and in 1993

i was taken to Kampala to live with my uncle whom I feared most but loved him because him

too loved me as my real father. He took me to St. Martin's Mulago primary school in P.4.

In 1994, We had to go to Bunyaruguru where he had got a new job of driving cotton to

Kasese. There i was taken to Kyambura Primary school in P.5 and towards the end of P.5

there I also refused schooling and sat. But in 1995, I went to Kichwamba Primary my

former school and studed for two years until I completed my Primary level in 1996.

In 1997, I went back to my aunt's place and there I started senior one at St John's sec.

school Rutsya and there i completed my O' level in 2000.

My auncle who was still paying fees for me died in 2001 and there its when I realised

that am an orphan since my both parents died.

In 2002, I joined Bushenyi Core Teachers College and completed there in 2004 with a grade

111 certificate. Still at Bushenyi College,I made my training in Numba, Mungonya and

Nyakatoma Primary schools respectively. In Bushenyi i was being helped by my Cousin

brother Tumwine Innocent Karyaburo.

After Bushenyi, I started teaching at Hanny Standard Academy Primary school at Kaberebere

in Isingiro and later in 2005 I was posted to Kabuyanda Central Primary School in

Isingiro District. The photo shows some of my pupils at Kabuyanda Central Primary School.

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