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oh hi, didn't see you there. I'm Xanne weaver, a forest guardian elf, my job is to protect the wood and all it's animals and secrets from the dark elves that live high up in the gloomy mountains of Khraznir.
for hundreds of years our enemies have been trying to get at our most precious thing that we have... The white alicorn, yeah you might see lots of white alicorns around here but Shaarlenis has some of the most powerful magic ever known to earth. So we protect her and her family.

I was born roughly 200 years ago in human years i'm 19 years old, i'm also on a mission... To save my father the Khraznirians ( Dark elves we just call them that because that's what anyone is called when they come from Khraznir) they kidknapped him and threatend to remove all of his powers and send him to the mortal lands!!
And if my father is sent to live amoungst humans i must kill him so he don't slip all of our secrets.

Anyway gotta run i hear something mortal coming our way!!
*Yawns* well today better be better than yesterday had a load of mortals teenagers come into the woods and started a campfire, awful singing! I've had my orders come in...That's alot of work for me to do but i can easily do it, i have some of my friends helping me out in the dragon ranch shouldn't be too dangerous they're only youngsters but they know that today is backing day, Once a week we have a huge pile of eggs come and we hatch them, then once they're 7 months old we back them... I've only done this twice fell off...twice but it's all a good days work i'm generally really excited!
So that's the ranch work out of the way all the young dragons are now ready to be sold on! Now it's time for me to set off on my mission, I've packed plenty of clothes,food,water and all the other stuff i will be needing on my travels. The clock struck 10pm surely the night pixies wouldn't be out guarding the dragons all ready, i snuck out onto the large branch ( i live in a very big and old oak tree) and i stood still as a couple of pixies walked around the bottom of the tree, i leaped for a branch on a nearby tree, it was ever so close because just as i did it i realised it was a snappers home ( a small lizard that eats anything that comes near it)but luckily this snapper had already gone out hunting. i walked cautiously along the branch and then climbed down into thick forage and sprinted towards the dragon ranch!

I quickly pulled open the large wooden door to discover all the dragons gone i shouted to myself "BLAST IT IF I BE!" the pixies came hurrying to the ranch, i knew i was in for it now and they stood in horror one murmured " The dark elves, they've been and gone Miss all we can do is hope thoose dragons are never used against us." i thought that was the most stupidest thing to say never used against us? of course they'll be used against us, I could feel the anger boiling up inside me i knew this wasn't going to be pretty! I had my fathers trait of turning into a beast when i become angry or when i felt like it....Wait a minute this could help me, I didn't need to steal a dragon in the first place i didn't need to sneak out! Oh blast i need to think theese things out. Anyway no time to waste i need to get to Khraznir!

I left the pixies to squabble amoungst themselves, they was becoming rather irratant! i reached my oak tree once again and began to chant a spell in a forgotton language and then turned into a barn owl, It'll do i guess flying will be much more easier than walking. I took off into the night flying towards Khraznir...
The sun was gradually rising higher into the sky and owls needed to sleep while it was sunny hours i became tired and needed energy i began to feel dozy and that's when i decided to land, this owl needed rest, I began chanting more spells i came up as a squirrel (wasn't going to help me much so i tried again) Snake,Rabbit,crocodile,Wolf... Maybe a wolf-form could help, Yes, Yes it would i got up and stretched and chuckled to myself " The whole black and white eyesight thing is a drool... Wow the colors look so much better through wolf eyes than Elven!" I sprinted off towards the border of Ale and Bwyarh, The Bwyarhics where nice they wasn't really elves or anything mythical but they knew all about the myths of the lands surrounding them in which they kept to themselves. I trotted through the town greeting each person i saw before reaching the Newen bridge, i crossed it with precautions, this bridge was known for collapsing when you were in a concentrated state of mind! I crossed it safely and now i was in Newen ( a small village outside of the town of Bwy, Bwyarh was a nice country and now that i crossed that border i was only 2 countries away from Khraznir! I carried on thorugh all the foresty countryside knowing soon i will reach the sea i could smell it! I got 30 miles away from Newen village and decided to set up camp, I needed the rest and i needed to think of a plan when i reached Khraznir, I wasn't the most heroic elve out there but i was the daughter of Vandla weaver ( My father was the leader of the Elven army in 4 countries including Ale,Bwyarh,Frea and Opan) It was now roughly 9am and it was time i got some rest, I'll catch up with you later i'm really......zZz

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