Daily life - About me & friends
About me,my friends and my family

Hello my name's Albie and this is my blog

I'am in a group called lilttle rascles
Facts about me
.I was born and raised in london,England
.I was born in a hospital called Greenwich hospital
.I was born on 9/5/92 (age15)
.my parents fredrick owen and susan smith

Albie's faves:
Watching ed,edd'n'eddy'
South park'
Family guy and
Disney chanell
Favorite colour:Aqua
Favorite food:Chinese
Favorite Dessert:Angel cake



My hobies
Playing nintendo wii,
Playing football with my friends Julian,Reece and Joe
and colecting rare flowers(waterlilies)

nintendo wii and football are my main hobies but if I have enough time I go out 2 collect rare flowers
my favorite online free games site is dragon gamez
click hereto go to dragon gamez
Well thanx! for checking out my site
contact me:

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About me,my friends and my family (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Albie - Great Britain

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