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Her full name is Ailyn Aubree Linkins,She's a fun person, she loves to do softballs and swimming, her favorite music was Justin Bieber and Taylor Swifts. Her role model was Chloe Moretz, she loves to joke and she's in fifth grade now. She's a very cute and nice girl, was now the only child of her mother, Carol Lee, and her father, Egor Lee, she's actually a british girl that born and live in the US. She does have an e-mail that located at this website.
Her full name is Ainegue Amine Linkins, she's a very humble person, she does look like usual, she's not too rich, not too poor, she's really friendly and now she has 85 friends, 50% are out from the US. Ainegue loves to wrote book, and how she does fight cancer and died. Ainegue's rolemodel was her mom and dad. She was born 29 December 10 minutes before Ailyn was born, and died August 18, 2008. We are hoping you give her as many candles.



She's my best sister ever, she helps me whatever i do anything... She makes me cried but still love her, why the brain cancer comes to Aineque, not to me? Our name started with A, probably, god really wants her to get back to him because the heavens needs Ainegue. The last time i met Ainegue is when i fight her, and after i know that i'm wrong, i havent say sorry to Ainegue, but it's over, she's not moving, suddenly, i cried all the rest of the day and three times passed out, i remember she gaves me many things! She teachs me, she's my sister, my big sister that looks like a baby-faced girl. Ainegue.... Don't leave me! Perhaps you leave something, like the last songs? I really hoped that i can see you somewhere in this world, wearing a white dress and wings. And shake my hands, i am crying when i wrote this, i know you always in my heart, Ainegue, remember our promise 2 months before you died? I really keep it! Keep it all my heart, i will not share your secret to someone. Ainegue, miss you so much! It has been 2 years without you, days passed without you, months, week, years, and all those time i remembered you, sitting beside me and kissing me like what happened when you're alive.

A sisters like you
All people loves you
All people needs you to come back
All people in US Miss you
And your now in UK.
I only visit you once a year
And i really miss you.
Why you buried in the UK?
I know UK is our country, but i live in the US.
Hope god gives me chance to see you, Amen.

That's when we deal with our Promises. We won't leaving each other, but you leave me. I know you won't go, but you have to go, you can't decided to live again, people only lives one times and dead 1 times. And plus two times in the Heaven. Your angel wings are bringing you to the heaven, Little lady..

Ainegue in the heaven, this is the second time and i see your face clearly in this picture, full of diamonds and lights and it is really pretty and beautiful, i love you with all my hearts that never lose.

The live of Ailyn | About Ailyn (Daily life - About me & friends)    -    Author : Ailyn - Alaska (USA)

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