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Hello, this is a blog about my hobbies/American's hobbies. So lets get to it!!!
The first after school activate that I do is Band. Their are many different typed of band such as,
Jazz Bands

Jazz band can have instruments such as, The Saxophone, Tuba, Trombone, Drums, and many more.
A jazz band (jazz ensemble or jazz combo) is a musical group that plays jazz music. Jazz bands and their compositions have changed many times throughout the years, just as the music itself changes with personal interpretation or improvisation of it's performers.
Marching bands

Marching bands are usually played in front of crowds or stadiums. Sometimes they form into a special image with their performers.
School Performance band

This is a band that I am in. My teacher is the conductor and I play an instrument that is not a common instrument, it is called the bass clarinet.
In the guest book please put what instrument you play if you have one.
Next up is, choir. In choir you can make harmonies and beautiful music. You don't have to be in a choir to sing though. You could just sing in the shower!!! Their is gospel choirs and school choirs just to name a few.
Since I do a lot of sports I will list them all underneath...
Basketball is a game that you play where you have to keep the ball away from the other team and throw the ball through the hoop. It gets a lot more complicated but you can still have lots of fun.

This is a game where the two different teams play on different sides of the net to try and keep the ball in the air.
Track & Field,
Track & Field is a bunch of events in one sport. Their are events such as, sprints, hurdles, relays, pole vault, and many more.
Skiing normally is where their are two ski's. Their can be many kinds of ski's like, water ski's, down hill ski's, and cross country ski's. I participate in cross country skiing but I also would love to try the other two!!!
B.O.B. stands for battle of the books. (No we don't literally battle with books.) In battle of the books your team has to read 10 books and answer questions about them.
If I missed any activities that you want me to add, put it in the Guest book and I will be sure to add it as soon as I can. If there is anything I could change to make it better leave me a suggestion in the Guest book.

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