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Hey guys (and gurlz) This is an advice column... i want to help people with their problems when im older so im trying to help people figure out their problems and they evaluate me on how good i helped them(: Anytime you need to, email me at advice222beginner@live.com. That is my advice email and i check it everyday. Maybe i'll even feature it on my blog (this blog) ! thank you so much for emailing me(: im glad to help ANY time! This is also a dating-only advice column

Dear Brianna,

I am dating a man who wants my 7 year old daughter and me to move into his home. He has 2 kids, 11, and 13. He has a horrible relationship with his ex-wife. They fight instead of talk. They share the custody and parenting of their children. The schedule is very erratic, depending on her work schedule. No one knows where the children will be staying from week to week.

He is happy with this situation because he gets to see his kids. The children, however, have no stability or responsibilities. Their grades are in the basement, Dís, and Fís. My daughter has weekly commitments with her father and our lives are scheduled and stable. I think living there would be very chaotic for us. He says he cannot change the situation, and really wants me to live with him, but I donít think I could manageÖ Please help!


There is no issue here. You would be nuts to move your daughter into a chaotic, unscheduled environment, and double nuts to move your daughter into someoneís life without the benefit of marriage. So, donít do it.

This man has a chaotic life, failing children, a nasty relationship with his ex, all swirling about him and he wants another family to move in? He has too much on his plate as is.

You are having an excellent preview of your future with this man: chaotic. This living arrangement does not sound like a good fit for you or your daughter. It is not fair to your daughter to be placed in such chaos.


Dear Brianna,

I am a young girl who is dating a boy who likes me a lot. All my friends know him and say that he is a user and a player. He says he will commit suicide if he loses me. I still like him but I can't stand this emotional stuff. All the guys I know say to leave him and that he is a jerk. I don't want to hurt him and I still care about him a lot. It makes me cry.


You are being emotionally used by this man. If you ever hear this from someone, tell your parents right away. Have them explain these issues to the man's parents. If that doesnt work, Consider explaining these issues to the police. Not to get him hurt or locked up, but to have the police explain what NOT to do.


Dear Brianna,
I just started going out with a guy on April 12th. He's my first boyfriend (I'm 13) and i don't really know what "love" is. So i almost have an obsession over this guy because i love him. We've only been going out for a few days, and i don't feel like a "couple". To me, a couple would hang out every other day, hold hands, kiss, hug, show affections for each other, etc. We've never done any of those things except hang out. Which was only once. I have a mindset that these things should happen when you first start going out, but i also know that i should give it time. He hasn't had a girlfriend since 6th grade and i haven't had a boyfriend at all. Is it possible that we're both just scared of making a move? I say to him "Would you want to kiss?" and he replies "only if u want to." and i do. I just don't know if it will ruin the relationship, even though he says it won't. Whichever way you can help me with this, please do! thank you(:

N'aww hun. Thats cute, in a little teenager way.
If he says " only if you want to" then that obviously means he will, but he doesn't want to do it if your not ready. You shouldn't have to ask, you should just go up to him and kiss him. I think your just both a little worried about what will happen if you do kiss eachother. But infact, i think it would actually move the relationship forward a little. It is possible for you both to be scared of making a move, perhaps him more than you. If you are content with asking if he wants to kiss. The next time your both together, you should grab hold of his hand. You should make the first move babe. The maybe, he will try and take things from there himself.

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