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He´s my grandfather, his name was Jose Luis Segura, he´s my dad's dad, he was born in Mexico City. Now, he´s dead but he was an excelent grandfather because he took care of me a lot of times.
His favorite color was brown, he liked the cookies and he was so good playing chess and many table games.
She´s my grandmother, her name is María Guadalupe del Carmen Tinoco Artigas, she´s my dad´s mom, she was born in Mexico City. She´s 70 years old. She is the best woman in the world for me. I lived with her 9 years and she teached me a lot of things.
his favorite color is golden, her favorite singer is Frank Sinatra.
She´s so happy and her happines contagious with everyone. Her job was psychologist and she did it very very well.
She´s alive and I love her.
He´s my grandfather, his name is Cutberto Santillán Torres, he´s my mom´s dad, he was born in Mexico City and also live there, he´s 62 years old.
He´s an aeronautical engineer. His favorite color is black, I have not lived much with him but when I am with him, he´s so cool and so fun.
She´s my grandmother, I called her "Tita", she´s my mom´s mom, she was born in Mexico City.
She died when I was a child but I loved her so much.
She had a very big house and I loved to go. she coocked very well and she bring me a lot of love.
He´s my dad, his name is José Luis Eduardo Segura Tinoco, he was born in Mexico City. He´s 45 years old and he works in a sport club.
His favorite color is blue, he likes meditation so much, now I don't live with him but a lived must of my life with him.
He live in Queretaro and he´s vegan, he´s rare but he´s so cool and I love him.
She´s mi mom, her name is Araceli Santillán Ríos, she was born in Mexico City but she live in Queretaro, she is 42 years old, her favorite color is pink and her favorite singer is Madonna.
Her favorite character is Hello Kitty, she love it!. She´s an English teacher and an excelent mom.
When I was born I lived a few years with her then I lived with my dad and now I live another time with her.
She´s a little explosive but she´s so very cool.
I love her so much.
This is me, my name is Adrián Segura Santillán, I am 15 years old, my birthday is on October 14th.
I was born in Mexico City but I live in Queretaro, I live with my mom and my cat.
My favorite color is blue, my favorite sport is American Football and my favorite band is Radiohead.
He´s my brother, really is my half-brother but I consider him my brother because he´s so cool.
his name is Miguel Ángel Villanueva Santillán, he was born in Mexico City and also live there, he´s 22 years old.
He has just finished a degree in law and now he is study another degree.
He like 80´s music, his favorite color ys black and he´s so formal.
I lived with him a few years when I was a child but now he lives with his grandparents.

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