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Dogs and Cats For Adoption in the USA

Dogs for Adoption in St. Paul/Minneapolis

1. This very sweet and well loved brittany spaniel needs a new home. He is very gentle around the young children but also very nervous. And their allergies to him are getting worse. Mom is trying her best but with a new baby on the way soon, she can no longer cope. And we agree Red would do better in a quieter home with a nice big fenced in yard and someone with time to exercise him.

Red is a love and needs a home owner with a fenced in yard that understands the sensitive nature of this breed type. He has a prey drive so no cats please. Gets along with other dogs.

This boy is a 7 year old brittany spaniel that is neutered and up to date on vaccines and vet care. Once he was switched to better grain free food, his itchy skin calmed down and he has had no problems for several years.
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2. Heart is a beautiful, shy, 8 month old Pointer mix. She has come along so much in the past 2 weeks she has been here. She sits in the recliner with me and lays in bed with me and loves all the other 5 dogs in the house. The best home for her will be a place with another dog that she can bond with and look to for directions. Her name comes from the black mask on her face is in the shape of a heart. She is with Heading Home K-9 Rescue and is fully vetted, current on all shots and is micro chipped. She just needs someone with a little patience and she is going to be a wonderful companion. Please contact HHK-9 Rescue or myself if you want more information on Heart. There is an adoption fee. Thank you for looking at a rescue dog. Patrick
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Cats for Adoption in St. Paul/Minneapolis

1. Please consider this sibling pair of beautiful and well loved 7 year old cats. Chloe is a calico tabby and Claude is a brown/grey tuxedo. They are spayed/neutered and up to date on vet care. They are friendly, mellow felines that have been around children. Shyer at first when meeting people, they quickly warm up. This is an easy going pair that would be a perfect fit for a home that is gone to work all day.

They are to remain indoor only cats and never to be declawed. Screening is required.
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