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Hello, guys! My name is Vivian, my blog is about pet. My favourite pet is teddy dog, this small dog is soft and cute. Any people like any different pets. I hope you enjoy!

Pets equal people・s friend, but people need to feed pets. The pets can be dog, cat, fish and many animals. When people at home, pets can play with them. But careful, sometimes they can bite you! When you come home, some smart dogs or cat can take shoes for you! They can eat many many things and they can just drink some water.

Dogs and cats have fur, we like to touch them and they are soft and comfortable. But when you take a bath to them, it is hard. Usually they don・t like water, and they run, jump, even run out of the bathroom! Some time the want to eat the soap and drink the water. If they eat them, they will fell not comfortable and sick. Bird has no fur, they have feather. So we can not wash them. Fish didn・t need to have the bath too. Of course, they are live in the water.

Different pets eat different food. Cats and dogs eat their own food, we buy food for them, and they like to eat it! Sometimes dogs and cats eat our food, like rice, chicken, or something else. Bird need to eat insect or some special food. Pets can・t get their own food, they cannot get them. We need to help them to get it and feed it. And we play with them.

Cats and dogs can walk in our home, they can walk every where. Every day, we need to take them out and walk. Birds can・t. They need to stay in the cage and can・t go out.

When the dogs or cats come to your home, you need to get the vet for them. If the dogs or cats get the vet, it can prevent they sick. That is the important things. If you don't take them to go to get vet, government will don・t allow you to take this pet. Because the pet may bit you! If it is sick, you will sick too. Many pets don't need to get vet, they are birds, fish, snakeKK

Pets are cute and fun, but you need to take care for them. I hope you like my blog. Bye! :)

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