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Jessie and the four kids

Jessie, the new nanny of New York, she has come all the way from Texas to look for a job and runs across a child named Zuri, she then tells her that her family is looking for a nanny and offers her a job, Jessie accepts the offer and meets the family, a family of four children, a huge lizard and a lazy butler, together they are one crazy group.
One day for the Ross family Ravi, one of the children Jessie nannies, decides to take his pet into the lobby, when he meets a mean neighbor and her yappy chihuahua, the woman is disgusted by the revolting creature and demands it be removed, it is up to Jessie and Ravi to save the family pet, meanwhile Luke, the oldest boy and Emma, the oldest girl have to do a progect together they have a bit of problems, Emma works hard while Luke just does nothing, in the end Luke takes the credit for the paper and they are in quite a fit. While the littlest sister Zuri, is having troubles with her imaginary friend, she claims the imaginary girl is being very mean to her so Jessie tells her that Mr. Kippling, the family lizard ate her. Mr. Kippling in the end saves the neighbor's chihuahua from a hawk so that the neighbor will let him stay. Everything is resolved and the day closes with a nice dinner, another of thier fantastic adventures and all in a day's work for Jessie.
One day when Jessie goes down to the lobby she meets Tony, the doorman of the building, he asks her for a simple lunch in the park, Jessie decides that they are just friends but when Emma, the headstrong teenager, tries to convince that Tony is in love with her from tips in her magazine Jessie thinks other wise. In the end Tony ends up with pepperspray in his eyes and an awkward silence grows between them, meanwhile Luke and his mean jokes against Ravi have backfired, so Ravi teaches Luke about Karma, a myth that if you are mean to someone you will have something done to you, Ravi goes out of his way and pranks Luke, in the end Luke tells him he is a good brother but Jessie tells him that if there is something going on between him and relatives that he should tell her and get it over with.
One day for Jessie she embarrasses Luke, the oldest boy of the family, in front of his friend, Luke decides for her to not help him in public, she finds out that he doesn't have a partner for the local paintball contest she grabs her gun and runs to his rescue, meanwhile Zuri has a fake tea party and invites her sister Emma to come, but Emma is invited to a fashion show so she turns her down, in the end her friend uninvites her so to make her sister Zuri happy she attends her party, and Jessie shows Luke that she can be fun and safe at the same time and they are all happy again.
Once in New York Jessie is in the Central Park working on her song with her friend Luke, a young boy with talented dance skills, and she is also his nanny, a music producer comes up and offers them to make them a music video, meanwhile Zuri and Ravi, also children that Jessie watches want to prove to Tony, the building's doorman, that his job wasn't as hard as it seemed, but they have some problems. Emma, the oldest of the four tries to help out their butler and his profile, suddenly they have a huge problem, the butler fakes his chubby looks and decides to lie about his appearence. Then Luke and Jessie have some arguements but Tony comes and tells them that the producer is a fake who steals people's money for fake videos, so Luke and Jessie resolve their problems and dump their fake producer, in the end Tony films her music video and puts the kids in it,
When Luke, the oldest boy of the Ross family, is stalked by a girl named Creppy Connie, a really creepy girl that is always following him around and attacks anyone who she is jealous of, Jessie has to come in and help, but when Connie rips Luke's favorite teddy bear he gets angry, they tell Connie that Luke doesn't like Harry Potter, Connie's favorite book and series, Connie dumps Luke and runs off, meanwhile Ravi, the young brother gets a new Eyeball app on his pad he thinks that everything the eye tells him is true and has Zuri, the littlest sister involved and their butler too, it involves cotton, ripping and a whole bunch of eyeballs, till next time, this is the Jessie report, keep watching!

Jessie and the four kids (Cinema, tv - TV series)    -    Author : Anna - USA

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