- Visitor survey -

Please, can you take a few minutes to answer these questions ?

Where do you come from ?
9   West Europe
0   East Europe
0   West Asia
0   East Asia
1   North Africa
6   Sub Saharian Africa
4   North America
2   Central America
0   South America
0   Oceania
0   the planet Mars

How old are you ?
0   0-10
0   11-13
0   14-16
0   17-19
1   20-24
2   25-29
10   30-39
4   40-49
1   50-59
1   60+

How did you get to this blog ?
2   Through a search engine (Google, Yahoo...)
4   Through blog-city.info
4   Linked here from another website
0   I'm a regular visitor
6   A friend told me about this blog
0   I got to this blog by chance

What is your opinion about this blog ?
9   Excellent
7   Good
0   Average
0   Bad
0   Very bad

Any remark about this blog ?
11   Very interesting
0   Really boring
4   Very nice blog
0   This blog is really ugly
0   Needs more pictures
0   Too many pictures
1   Pictures are too small
0   Pictures are too large
0   Needs more text / comments
1   Too much text
0   Too many spelling mistakes
0   Text is too complicated
0   Text is unreadable (size, color...)
0   I don't agree with the blog content

Do you know anything about the Pygmies?
0   Yes i am a Pygmy myself
2   Yes i know them well
4   Yes I know little about them
1   I'd love to know more about them
0   I Know people who know them
1   Yes and i have visited them once
0   Yes i have conducted works or action for them
0   Not at all this is the first time i hear about them
0   No and i don't care
0   The Pyg...what?

What do you think about what is happening to the Pygmies?
4   It's a drama people must do something
0   We must let them find a solution by themselves
3   We must ask them what they think about it first
0   I think it's natural course of things there is no other way
0   They have responsibility in it
1   Is it really a problem?
0   Local governments must work on it, no one else can help
0   I have my own problems
0   Let's create parks or reservs for them
0   They are unproductive and are a burden for the society
0   what if they don't care?

Will you sponsor a Pygmy child for education?
2   Yes of course where is he?
7   yes i think so
3   I don't know
1   I wish i could
0   I have my own kids
0   No, are you kidding?
1   No thank you, but keep looking
0   No way

Will you sponsor any action in favour of the Pygmies?
6   Yes of course
1   Yes but i need to see by myself what they need
2   Yes but only once
1   I have always wanted to do something
0   Only if there is a benefit for me
0   Why not, this or something else, makes no difference
4   Maybe... i don't know
0   No forget about it
0   I don't help people who can not help themselves
0   I'd better spend my money elsewhere

What do you think is best for them?
0   Leave them how they are now
5   Create a healthy environment for them and leave them there
3   Send them to school and teach them how to do things themselves
0   Just go give them stuffs and drinks and that's it
1   Stop cutting the forest and that'll be good for them
0   Gather them in the same place and do something there for them
0   They don't know anything, don't bother
0   God will help them, we can not
0   Forget about them, that's better for all
0   They are good attraction for tourists. Use that
0   Nothing is best for them they don't even know
0   Do we really need to do something for them?

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